Requesting a new site

New websites hosted by Geisel

Sites hosted on the Geisel Web servers are built and maintained by us (Geisel Web) with all content provided by you.  We'll work with you to make sure the look and feel of the site accurately reflect your content.

While we are creating the site, and after the site goes live, you can continue to send content updates to  We can easily handle MS Office documents, PDF documents, and any image files you'd like to include in the content.  Since our sites use WordPress as the publishing platform, we can provide access and training for someone in your group if they would like to take on content editing duties.

If you have any sensitive or private information, we can restrict access to specific files or web folders either based on Dartmouth NetID authentication, or a simple username/password pair.

Generally, most things can be handled via email; however, we can meet at any time via video chat or over the phone, if you prefer.

The Geisel Web team provides training for programs/departments and labs that wish to make edits to their websites. You may request training by emailing We will work with you and/or your team by deciding on an ideal time. Once a time is established, a Zoom invite will be provided. This option is available as a refresher or for the new WordPress user.  Please read through and become familiar with the Website Policy.

Please read the detailed instructions to get started:

Feel free to contact us with any questions you have or if you need more information to get started with your new site.