Beginning in early in the new year, the Geisel School of Medicine will begin to transition our telephone services to a new flexible service managed by Dartmouth College. The new telephone system, called GoTo Connect, will provide users with many advanced telephone features that are particularly helpful in our current work-from-home situation, including the ability to answer phone calls on your computer at home or in the office.

Please note that as part of transition from the DHMC phone system to the new Dartmouth system, departments may choose to retain their current 650/653 phone numbers.

In contrast to the current DHMC phone system, Dartmouth’s system leverages data networks to deliver phone service (voice-over-IP or VOIP). Some of the more interesting new features include:

  • Choose to make/receive calls on a traditional handset, your computer, or both.
  • The ability to make/receive calls on your computer or mobile device anywhere in the world
  • Unlimited local and long distance calling
  • Improved call forwarding/routing for shared numbers or for covering absences
  • Voicemail-to-email transcription and virtual fax services
  • Built-in dial-by-name directory
  • Direct messaging.

This project will be cooperatively led by a team from Geisel IT and Dartmouth Network Services. The project team will be reaching out to departmental leadership and operations managers with more details in the weeks to come.

To find answers to common questions about the new phone system, visit our FAQ. You can also contact Geisel’s IT support team via email (