Laptop Requirement

Even though students receive an iPad, all students must also have either a Mac or Windows laptop.

Minimum Laptop Recommendations:

  • Operating System
    • Mac: macOS 10.12 (Sierra) or newer
    • Windows: Windows 10 Pro. Avoid purchasing a new computer with a Home edition of Windows, since some Home versions lack functionality required to fully function in Dartmouth’s computing environment.
  • RAM:  8GB or more preferred depending on the operating syste
  • Internal Data Storage: 256GB or more, depending on your file storage. Laptop internal drives should have at least 10% free space to ensure normal day-to-day operation with 100 GB or more available for course-related files. However, the availability of cloud-based file storage from Microsoft or Google and the use of iPads for many class activities may mean you do not need as much file storage on your laptop.
  • Screen Size: Portable, space-conscious laptops are preferred for classroom use (15” screen or smaller with 13” screens being popular).

Questions about your computer: If you are unsure whether your existing computer will be appropriate, please contact Geisel’s Computing Support team by calling 603.650.1600 or sending an email to

Need a New Computer?

For students wishing to purchase a new computer, the Dartmouth Computer Store offers educational pricing on laptop models from Dell and Apple.

The Financial Aid office is aware that purchasing a computer might be yet another "miscellaneous cost" of attending medical school, and they will handle each student on a case-by-case basis.