Video tutorials

Here is a series of short videos (each is less than 3 minutes) that will introduce you to BWA (Blitz Web Access) and provide guidance in how to use BWA for email and calendar.

Introduction to BWA 2:32 This video shows how to login and do basic navigation.
Conversations 2:03 Displaying your message list - What are 'Conversations'?
New message 2:38 How do I create a new message?
Reply, Reply All, Forward 2:34 How do I reply to or forward messages?
Using Folders 2:31 How do I create and use folders?
Deleting things 1:55 How do I delete messages? Folders?
Some options 2:41 About color themes, Auto-Reply, and Signatures
Attachments 2:39 How to send and receive attachments.

Calendar Introduction 1:58 How to navigate the calendar screen.
Create a meeting 2:48 How to create a meeting and find available times.