Geisel’s Strategic Plan

I am pleased to present to the students, staff, and faculty of the Geisel School of Medicine this strategic plan:  One Geisel, Leading Forward! This plan will serve as a guide for our school over the next five years. It embodies the sense of community that makes Geisel a unique and special place, and it provides a framework for the school to flourish. This plan has been crafted by and for our community, and I am deeply grateful to all members of the community who committed their time to contribute ideas and feedback.

The strategic planning process kicked off in September 2021, and our community engaged in a collective conversation throughout the academic year to define the values we hold dear and to articulate key initiatives that form the basis of this plan. We have endeavored to be inclusive in each step of the process and received feedback from faculty, staff, and students from across all our missions through strategic planning retreats, community and online forums, and focus groups. This plan links together our academic community to create a more unified environment for learners, educators, researchers, and staff.

Defining our goals and aspirations is just the beginning. Building on a firm financial foundation, this plan provides a deliberate and methodical approach to guide investment in support of our people and programs and to build from points of strength. In the coming months, we will develop and act on an implementation plan that includes defining criteria for assessment of the strategic plan and for monitoring its progress.

I also want to thank the many members of our community who joined us on Friday, Nov. 4 at the formal launch event for our strategic plan, One Geisel, Leading Forward!. It was wonderful to have so many of us together to celebrate this exciting community achievement. For those who could not attend, you can watch video of the event here. The final strategic plan document is available on this page (below) as well as on our Strategic Planning SharePoint site (NetID required). Please take time to review the document and see how you can help our community's strategic plan a success.

Duane Compton, PhD
Dean, Geisel School of Medicine


The Geisel School of Medicine: A History of Leading Innovation

One Geisel, Leading Forward!

Throughout its 225‑year history, the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth has contributed major advances that have improved human health and systems of healthcare, trained generations of outstanding physicians, scientists, and public health professionals, provided outstanding clinical care to our community, and served as a bedrock of research and innovation at Dartmouth. Looking forward, Geisel is poised for major expansion to build on this extensive legacy of success. In framing a path forward, Geisel leadership asked our community to participate in formulating a comprehensive and inclusive strategic plan to serve as a guide into the next phase of working and learning together. Through a series of stakeholder interviews, retreats, meetings, community forums, and focus groups, this One Geisel: Leading Forward! strategic plan emerged. This plan will guide Geisel’s growth and innovation over the next five years.


Guided by the vision, values, and strategic goals that our community has articulated in this plan, and building on a strong financial foundation, Geisel will distinguish itself from its peers by creating a more diverse, supportive, and welcoming community among our students, staff, and faculty. Relying on the institutional core values of community, excellence, inclusion, innovation, and integrity to guide our growth and investment priorities in our people and programs, Geisel will attain the strategic goals presented in this plan through major advances in our education and research programs and enhanced support to our faculty in professional practice and will ultimately achieve our vision.

Geisel Faculty, Staff, and Students can learn more about the plan by visiting our Strategic Planning SharePoint site at (NetID required).

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