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Dean’s Academic Board (DAB)

The structure and organization of the DAB is defined in Article I. The DAB shall be advisory to the Dean concerning all matters that relate to the internal academic affairs of the School of Medicine. These matters shall include faculty appointments, dismissals, and advancements in rank; student admission policies and procedures; administrative policies concerning the academic missions of the School; and major curricular matters affecting the School of Medicine.

Votes of the DAB may be solicited by the Dean for matters that require input across the community (i.e., faculty, staff and/or students). Members of the DAB may also be called upon to serve pursuant to other policies of Geisel/Dartmouth (e.g., but not limited to the “Organization of the Faculty of Dartmouth College” (OFDC), the Professionalism Policy for Geisel)


Lisa V. Adams, MD
Associate Dean of Global Health

Charlie K. Barlowe, PhD
Chair, Biochemistry & Cell Biology

Wesley A. Benbow, MBA
Executive Dean for Finance & Administration

Nicole J. Borges, PhD
Chair, Medical Education

Ilana Cass, MD
Chair, OB/GYN

M. Shane Chapman, MD, MBA
Chair, Dermatology

Jocelyn D. Chertoff, MD
Chair, Radiology

Brock C. Christensen, PhD
Chair, Faculty Council

Jeffrey A. Cohen, MD
Chair, Neurology

Duane A. Compton, PhD
Dean of Geisel School of Medicine

Joanne M. Conroy, MD
President and CEO, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center

Mark A. Creager, MD
Director, Heart & Vascular Center

Faith R. Goodness, MBA
Chief of Staff, Geisel School of Medicine

Alan I. Green, MD
Chair, Psychiatry

Marnie E. Halpern, PhD
Chair, Molecular & Systems Biology

Leslie P. Henderson, PhD
Dean of Faculty Affairs

Simon C. Hillier, MD
Chair, Anesthesiology

Deborah A. Hogan, PhD
Designee, Biomolecular Targeting COBRE

David S. Jevsevar, MD, MBA
Chair, Orthopaedics

Margaret R. Karagas, PhD
Chair, Epidemiology

Steve D. Leach, MD
Director, Norris Cotton Cancer Center

David A. Leib, PhD
Chair, Microbiology & Immunology

Keith J. Loud, MD, MSC
Chair, Pediatrics

Dean R. Madden, PhD
Vice Provost for Research

Lisa A. Marsch, PhD
Director, Technology and Behavioral Health

Cathy E. Morrow, MD
Chair, Community & Family Medicine

Shruthi Nammalwar,
Student Body President

Susan A. Reeves, EdD, RN
Chief Nursing Executive

Scott W. Rodi, MD
Chair, Emergency Medicine

Andrew P. Rose, MBA
Director of Finance, Geisel

Richard I. Rothstein, MD
Chair of Medicine

Brett D. Rusch, MD
Director of White River Junction VA

Bruce A. Stanton, PhD
Director, Lung Biology COBRE

Anna N.A. Tosteson, ScD
Interim Chair, The Dartmouth Institute

Wendy A. Wells, MBBS, MSc
Chair, Pathology

Mike L. Whitfield, PhD
Chair, Biomedical Data Science

Sandra L. Wong, MD, MS
Chair, Surgery