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Continuous Quality Improvement Medical Education (CQI-ME) Steering Committee

The Membership of the CQI-ME Steering Committee is set by the Dean and Chaired by the Senior Associate Dean for Medical Education. The CQI-ME Steering Committee is responsible for performing an ongoing assessment to ensure that the Medical School is compliant with elements set forth by the Liaison Committee on Medical Education in the document, Functions and Structure of A Medical School, for ensuring that the Medical School addresses any all issues of non-compliance/compliance with monitoring, and for ensuring the Medical School is prepared with respect to all obligations set forth by the LCME for reaccreditation (e.g., but not limited to the Data Collection Instrument, DCI). The Dean shall constitute the membership of the CQI-ME Steering Committee to reflect those officers of the Medical School (faculty and staff) with responsibilities and oversight for the research, education, administration and facilities, and budgetary operations of the Medical School.



Wes Benbow, MBA, Executive Dean for Finance & Administration
Nicole J. Borges, PhD, Chair, Dept. of Medical Education
Duane A. Compton, PhD, Dean of Geisel School of Medicine
Brock C. Christensen, PhD, Chair of Faculty Council
Hillary Milne, Senior Director of Administration & Finance, UME Affairs
John F. Dick, III, MD, Interim Senior Associate Dean for Medical Education and Associate Dean for Clinical Education, Faculty Accreditation Lead
Faith Goodness, MBA, Chief of Staff, Geisel School of Medicine
Leslie P. Henderson, PhD, Dean of Faculty Affairs
Alison V. Holmes, MD, MPH, Associate Dean for Student Affairs
Virginia T. Lyons, PhD, Associate Dean for Preclinical Education
Leah Montalbano, MPA, Director of Evaluation and Assessment
Roshini Pinto-Powell, MD, Associate Dean for Admissions
William “Nick” Ryan, MPA, Director of Accreditation & Kern Programs
Rand S. Swenson, MD, PhD, Professor of Medical Education and of Neurology, Previous LCME Faculty Accreditation Lead
Celestine Warren, Student Representative
Adam Richard Weinstein, MD, Chair of Medical Education Committee, Associate Professor of Pediatrics and of Medical Education
Diana Wu, MD, Interim Associate Dean of Diversity and Inclusivity