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Enhanced Security for Web-Based Applications

Starting July 13, all of Dartmouth’s authenticated web-based systems, including Canvas, will require answering one of the security questions you set when you “claimed” your account, in addition to entering your NetID and password as part of the login process. You will NOT have to do this at every login, but only at those times when you change something about the system that you’re logging in from (new device, new country, new OS, new web browser, etc.). If you do not remember your security questions and/or the answers you chose for them, please contact us.

You cannot reset your security questions on a self-serve basis. This change is part of a larger "Towards a Secure Dartmouth" initiative by Dartmouth Information Technology Services (ITS) to improve the security of Dartmouth data, Dartmouth systems and Dartmouth technology. Please contact geisel.computing.support@dartmouth.edu or call (603) 650-1600 if you need further assistance.

For help you can email geisel.computing.support@dartmouth.edu or call us at 650-1600.