Website Help

Sites hosted on the Geisel Web servers are maintained by the Geisel Web team. Most of the sites are published using WordPress. WordPress established sites have options to make changes. Some programs/departments and labs prefer to make their own edits; while other programs/departments or labs choose to have the Geisel Web team make the updates.

The Geisel Web team provides training for programs/departments and labs that wish to make edits to their websites. You may request training by emailing We will work with you and/or your team by deciding on an ideal time. Once a time is established, a Zoom invite will be provided. This option is available as a refresher or for the new WordPress user.

The training session(s) could be once or as many times as needed. Training will involve the necessary basics to create web pages/posts, edit existing web pages/posts, how to upload and embed media, and how to edit and add content to home pages. Sometimes, customization is necessary to provide a certain display or function. In these instances, the Geisel Web team will create modifications and edits on our end. Please read our website policy and guidelines on website editing.

If you would like the Geisel Web team to make edits, please email