Phones Project Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of common questions our IT team has heard regarding our new phone system (GoToConnect/Jive/LogMeIn). If you have questions that are NOT answered below, please email so we can get you the answer you need!

Who can have a phone number?

All Dartmouth employees at Geisel (faculty and staff) and departmental accounts are eligible for a phone number from Dartmouth College. Non-paid faculty and 'sponsored' accounts for research may be eligible for a number in certain cases. Requests for new numbers should be sent to to be processed/approved.

What are the key, new features of the GoToConnect phone system?

  • Software-based phone options – to access your Geisel phone via your computer or smart phone (see below)
  • Local, long distance and international calling
  • Voicemail to email with transcription, and with automatic deletion of the voicemail from your phone
  • On the software-based phones:
  • Directory integration for being able to call someone using their name rather than having to find their phone number
  • Text messaging
  • Presence indicators
  • And more!

What is a softphone? 

Since the new phone system works over the internet, users can install applications on the computer and/or mobile device that connect them to the College phone system.  Via these software-based phones (aka softphones), users can place/receive phone calls without needing to access a physical phone on their desk.  Since this softphone can move around with you, reduces the need to purchase a handset that remains at your desk only, and offers some improved functionality, accessing the College phone system via a software-based phone is preferred.

Can more than one person answer the same phone number?

Yes. Users can receive calls placed to other numbers. Physical phones can be set up to 'see' multiple lines like our current Avaya phones. Users with softphones can use settings in their personal account to control how calls are routed via the ‘Find Me, Follow Me’ settings.  

If I’m using my cell phone, do I now qualify for a Mobile Communications stipend?

The use of a Dartmouth softphone on your personal cell phone is not being required by Geisel.  All users can have a handset at their desk or headset for their work computer at no cost.  Electing to use your cell phone does not automatically make you eligible for a stipend.  However, requests for authorization can be submitted to the Geisel Dean’s Office after being approved by your supervisor and department.

How do calls to my Dartmouth number affect my cell phone bill/charges?

GoToConnect (GTC) calls are all routed over the internet as data. When you are on a wifi network - like eduroam on campus - the data for GTC travels over wifi to and from your phone.  If you are somewhere without wifi access, data for GTC travels over your cell provider’s data network and is billed against your cell phone’s data plan. Voice calls and text messages in the GTC app consume very little data so occasional use should have very little impact on your data plan. However, if you plan to use the GTC service heavily on a cell network, you should look at the Data Usage controls on your phone to be alerted if you approach data caps with your provider or contact your provider in order to raise your data limit.

Users may be able to also use settings on their cell phone to restrict GoToConnect to receiving/making calls ONLY when connected to a wifi network.

How will my GTC software-based phone behave when I’m traveling?

The GTC phone app on your computer or cell phone will work anywhere in the world where you have an active connection to the internet. However, your phone will always behave as though it’s sitting on campus in Hanover!  For example, if you’re working from a hotel in London, you will still be able to 5-digit dial any College phone or call US numbers by dialing them normally (643-6135 or 802-555-5555). If, however, you wanted to call the London hotel in which you were staying, you’d need to treat it as an international call - dialing the full country prefix and phone number. Since unlimited international and long distance calling is included in the College plan, there is no effect on the charges for these calls (as long as you are on a wifi network) - only on the way in which they are dialed.

Should I use GoToMeeting or Zoom for video meetings/calls?

While both tools are acceptable for College use, Zoom remains our preferred virtual meeting platform for the time being. The Dartmouth community (including our IT support team) has gotten quite familiar with Zoom over the past year. It is very likely that the best experience for your attendees will be provided by keeping your meetings in Zoom as a result.  

In early testing, we haven’t noted any specific features in GoToMeeting that warrant using it instead of Zoom. However, users with prior experience using GoToMeeting or who just want to experiment are welcome to do so.

What if I need to page a DH Physician?  Can I still do this from the College phones?

Yes.  You can still access the DH's paging system via your Dartmouth software-based or physical phones.  Detailed instructions can be found here (authentication with NetID required).