Type Notes and Make Annotations

Quick Guide to App Functionality

The following table provides a brief overview of which apps can connect with one another. Please note that some apps can send to another app, but lack the ability to open files from that same app.

LiquidText Notability OneNote
Create Documents No Yes Yes
Annotate Documents Yes Yes No
Send to Dropbox Yes Yes Yes
Send to LiquidText - Yes Yes
Send to Notability Yes - Yes
Send to Google Drive Yes Yes No
Send to OneDrive Yes Yes -


Drawing Annotations and notes.

You can use Notability or LiquidText if you would like to add annotations or draw on course files.

  • Notability views one file at a time.
  • LiquidText allows you to import multiple files into the same note, view those files in the same preview window, and connect points in each file together.

Typing Notes

If you just want a blank screen for typing notes, you can use the pre-installed Notes app, Notability, or OneNote.

  • Notes gives you a blank screen on which you can type or draw.
  • Notability gives you a blank screen in which you can type or draw.
  • OneNote allows you to create a virtual notebook which can contain a page for each class meeting within which you can import files but only annotate directly on them if they are Microsoft documents.
  • LiquidText requires a document be opened before you can type or draw on the document or in the right side workspace.


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