Leaving Geisel

Access to most IT-related systems and services at Dartmouth requires an active affiliation with the College as a student or as a member of our faculty/staff.  As you prepare to leave the College or transition into a new role, it is important that you understand how and when your access will change so you can plan appropriately.

Graduating Students:  Following commencement exercises and once several end-of-year processes are completed, students are marked as 'graduated' in BANNER by the Registrar.  At that time, student accounts will be flagged for expiration in our authentication systems.  Graduating students should expect to lose access to College-licensed applications and services approximately 60 days after commencement.  Students will receive an email message 30 days from their account expiration date as a final reminder.  For more information on specific services you may have used while at Dartmouth, please visit this helpful webpage from Dartmouth ITC.  As alumni, you will retain forwarding services for your @dartmouth.edu email address.  Your netID/password will continue to function for maintaining this forwarding setup and accessing other alumni-related systems.

Faculty:  Faculty members leaving Dartmouth College will be granted 30 days of access to their Dartmouth accounts once their appointment in Dartmouth's HR/Payroll systems is end-dated.  During this time, users are responsible for off-loading any data they wish to retain from Dartmouth storage (including things like email, Dropbox, or Microsoft OneDrive).  If you believe you will continue to require access after your account's scheduled expiration, you must work with your department to obtain a sponsored account.  The sponsored account approval process takes time, so please submit your request as early as possible to avoid any interruption in access.

Staff:   Dartmouth staff/employee accounts typically expire on the employee's last authorized paid date.  No additional, post-employment access is typically afforded to departing staff.

Tax Document Access: All individuals who have worked for Dartmouth College during a given calendar year will retain access (using their netID and password) to Dartmouth's employee self-service portal in order to be able to access relevant payroll and tax documents.  This access will continue for 18 months following the date of your termination. Once that 18-month window has ended, individuals requiring additional documentation regarding their employment here will need to contact Dartmouth Human Resources (Human.Resources@Dartmouth.edu, (603)646-3411) for assistance.