Sponsored Account Form

Sponsored Account Form

Accounts in the Dartmouth Name Directory

People who are actively working to fulfill the academic mission of Dartmouth, including its professional schools, can have a Dartmouth account known as a NetID.

When someone is actively working to fulfill the academic mission of the Geisel School of Medicine, Senior officers at Geisel must approve the creation of these accounts to ensure the request is a legitimate one.

Three different kinds of accounts can be provisioned:

  1. NetID Only - No Email. This is the appropriate account for people who need temporary access to central systems at the College but do NOT need to have a Dartmouth.EDU email address or access online collaboration tools (Office365) in order to complete their work.
  2. NetID with Forwarding Address Only. Similar to the option above, with the addition of an @dartmouth.edu email address which can be set to forward to the user’s personal account.  This would be appropriate for users who need to receive email with a College-branded address, but do not need mail or other cloud services.
  3. Fully-licensed Sponsored Account. This type of account would receive a full Dartmouth.EDU email address/mailbox.

Please download the Geisel version of the  Sponsored Account Request Form.

If you are requesting a departmental or organizational account, please use this form: Dept or Org SPON request

Please return the completed form to geisel.human.resources@dartmouth.edu or mail to Hinman Box 7060.