Teaching Resources

The following is a list of teaching resources available to Geisel faculty.

  • Accessible Course Design
    The goal of this site is to provide basic background information and insight into the steps you can take to ensure your Canvas course site and course materials are accessible to everyone. Please feel free to explore the resources provided on each page for more in-depth coverage of the content.
  • Building a Canvas Course
    The goal of this series of tutorials is to provide Faculty, Course Directors, Course Directors, and Staff with just in time access to the resources necessary to build a course in Canvas. This site contains six steps for designing a course site in Canvas, plus an Advanced section for those individuals who like to push envelope.
  • Canvas Student Tutorials
    The goal of this site is to provide Students with just in time access to the resources necessary to access course content and assignments within Canvas.
  • Technology For Teaching
    The purpose of this site is as a repository for tools that can be used to support instructional approaches in evidence based medical education.
  • Understanding Medical Education: Evidence, Theory, and Practice, Third Edition (ebook)
    Understanding Medical Education synthesizes the latest knowledge, evidence, and best practices in the field. It provides a snapshot of how far we have come as a field. It is the essential resource for established educators and those new to the field.

    • Chapter 3: The Science of Learning
    • Chapter 4: Teaching and Learning in Medical Education: How Theory Can Inform Practice
    • Chapter 5: Principles of Curriculum Design
    • Chapter 6: Instructional Design: Applying Theory to Instructional Practice
    • Part 2 of the book focuses on Instructional Methods (not linked here)