iPad FAQs

Why is Geisel piloting iPads?
The use of mobile technology in medical education and clinical care is increasing rapidly. As part of the curriculum redesign process currently under way at the Geisel School of Medicine, the Class of '16 has been chosen to be part of a pilot project to test the use of Apple's iPad in the medical school's curriculum. The goal is to provide a common computing and learning platform for students and faculty that will enable more active and collaborative learning experiences. The school has chosen to test the iPad because of its portability, ease-of-use and support, and the availability of e-books and apps that can enhance the curriculum.

Who is receiving an iPad as part of the pilot program?
For the Geisel iPad Pilot Program, the first year medical students entering school in the summer of 2012 will be receiving iPads to use and evaluate. A number of iPads are also being made available to faculty and course instructors responsible for the first year medical curriculum. Future decisions on iPad distribution will be based on the results of the pilot program.

How will the iPads be used in the first year medical courses?
Good question. The vision of the project is for the iPads to inspire innovative uses of technology in the classroom and learning experience. We have some ideas of the basic or common uses of iPads in the classroom, such as accessing course materials and content on Blackboard, as well as recorded lectures, using specific apps in to enhance coursework, and to facilitate increased collaborative interactions between students and faculty. We are truly looking for students and faculty to discover and share the best ways to incorporate these new tools into the learning experience.

Which iPads are the students receiving?
Students will receive a 64 GB iPad (latest generation), along with several required apps, and a manufacturer warranty of 1 year.

What will be loaded on the students' iPads?
Students will be receiving brand new iPads that have only Apple's built-in apps. Information on downloading additional apps and e-textbooks will be provided.

What basic apps will be provided to the students for their iPads?
Click here for a complete list of apps provided for students, as well as resources for finding more apps.

Where can I find help?

  • How to use apps or create or convert multimedia material for my course (Amanda Albright, Brian Reid, Geisel Instructional Technology)

How will we know if the pilot was effective?
In early 2013, we will be talking and surveying students and faculty about their experience in the pilot program.

Will other students or faculty receive an iPad in the future?
Future decisions on iPad distribution will be based on the results of the pilot program.

What is Geisel's relationship to Apple?
There is no formal or contractual relation between the school and Apple, other than the computer company is a Dartmouth-approved vendor.

Where can I buy accessories for my iPad?
Please visit Dartmouth Computing Sales and Service.

Where can I learn more about using my iPad for personal use?
There are many resources available to help you master the use of the iPad and the many available apps.