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Website Policy

Geisel’s web team has created a WordPress template-based website design to ensure consistency with the School’s established branding, as well as continuously updated security. The design, layout, and format will be prepopulated for any new websites. Those users with editing rights agree to the terms below.

  • You are responsible for the content of your website.
  • Any site hosted by Geisel should be used for official school business only.
  • Please follow appropriate Dartmouth policies, including Information Technology Policy and Information Security Policy
  • The Geisel Webmasters are available to assist with the creation and maintenance of your site. Use of outside web designers is prohibited without approval from Geisel Webmasters.
  • Official Geisel web templates are provided. Significant changes to site design should not be made without the approval and assistance of Webmasters.
  • Editing access may be rescinded or the site removed if policies are violated.

Media Uploads

You may upload most forms of media to your WordPress website. However, as a site editor, please follow these guidelines:

The Geisel Web team reserves the right to make changes to any hosted website that it does not deem as appropriate content to the guidelines listed above, as well as suspending access rights to users who violate these policies.