Other FAQs

When should I expect to see the icon in my task bar (windows) or menu bar (Mac)?

When the icon shows up in your task bar (or menu bar on the Mac), you will know that Alertus software has been installed. If it is red, the software is unable to reach the AlertUs server. If you are trying to use the D-H installation of Alertus and your computer is not on the D-H production network, the icon will be red and you will not receive alerts.

What if the icon isn’t showing on my computer?

If you have installed the software and do not see the icon, restart your computer. If you still do not see the icon, contact your help desk.

How do I install and configure my Alertus application appropriately on my smart phone to get D-H alerts?

Go to the Alertus mobile device page for instructions on setting up your phone.  You need a dartmouth.edu or hitchcock.org email address to use the mobile device app.

Can I get Dartmouth DartAlerts on the Alertus mobile device app?  Not at this point in time.  Dartmouth uses a free educational license from Alertus that does not include the use of the app for distributing messages.

Can Dartmouth employees or students get D-H alerts as text messages?   Not at this point in time. D-H's systems only allow D-H employees to register their phone numbers. D-H is building a new feature in their systems to allow others to register their phone numbers.