Department Chair

David A. Leib, PhD

Pathogenesis of herpes simplex virus (HSV)


Jennifer M. Bomberger, PhD

Viral-bacterial co-infections and innate immunity in the respiratory tract

James B Bliska, BS, PhD

Bacterial effectors and pathogen-leukocyte interactions

David Bzik, PhD

Parasite biology, Immunity, Cancer Immunotherapy

Ambrose Cheung, MD

Ambrose Cheung, MD

Staphylococcus aureus

Robert A Cramer, PHD, MSC

Fungal Pathogenesis and Host Interactions

Steven N. Fiering, PhD

Steven Fiering, PhD

Tumor immunotherapy

Deborah A. Hogan, PhD

Bacterial and fungal pathogenesis

Yina H. Huang, PhD

Yina H. Huang, PhD

T cell migration and activation, Cancer Immunology

Claudia V. Jakubzick, PhD

Claudia V. Jakubzick, PhD

Myeloid cell biology: Innate and Adaptive Immunity

George A. O'Toole, PhD

Microbial biofilms

Joshua J. Obar, PhD

Influenza A virus and Aspergillus fumigatus

Patricia A. Pioli, PhD

Autoimmune disease and cancer

Pamela C. Rosato, PhD

T cell responses to viruses and cancer

Benjamin D. Ross, PhD

Interbacterial interactions among the gut microbiota

Sladjana Skopelja-Gardner, PhD

Lupus skin disease, innate immune responses, skin injury, kidney injury, autoimmunity


Daniel Schultz, PhD

Evolution of antibiotic resistance in bacteria

Charles Sentman, PhD

Charles Sentman, PhD

Immunotherapy and innate immunity

Bruce A. Stanton, PhD

Bruce A. Stanton, PhD

Host pathogen interactions in epithelial cells

Mary Jo Turk, PhD

Tumor Immunology

Edward J. Usherwood, PhD

T cell immune surveillance to viruses and cancer

Charles R. Wira, PhD

Charles R. Wira, PhD

Innate and adaptive immunity to HIV

Affiliated Faculty

Margie Ackerman, PhD

Protein engineering and vaccine technology

Alix Ashare, MD, PhD

Lung macrophages

Ruth I. Connor, PhD

Lactic acid bacteria, probiotics

Rick Enelow, MD

Respiratory virus infection

Francesca Gilli, MS, PhD

Neuroinflammation in neurodegenerative diseases

Anne G. Hoen, PhD

Development of the microbiome in infants and children

Carey D Nadell, PHD

Population and community dynamics of microbial biofilm collectives

William Rigby, MD

Autoimmune Mechanisms and Disease


Rahul Sarpeshkar, PhD

Synthetic analog and digital biological circuits

Li Song, PhD

Designing algorithms and developing computational methods to analyze sequencing data

Mark S. Sundrud, PhD

Intestinal immune regulation and inflammation

Michael E. Zegans, MD

Bacterial biofilm formation and ocular infection