Department Chair

David A. Leib, PhD
Pathogenesis of herpes simplex virus (HSV)

Primary Faculty

Brent Berwin, PhD
Innate immune responses

James B Bliska, BS, PhD
Bacterial toxins and pathogen-leukocyte interactions

David Bzik, PhD
Parasite biology, Immunity, Cancer Immunotherapy

Jacqueline Y. Channon-Smith, PhD
Immune Monitoring and Flow Cytometry

Ambrose Cheung, MD
Staphylococcus aureus

Robert A Cramer, PHD, MSC
Aspergillus fumigatus-host interactions

Steven Fiering, PhD
Tumor immunotherapy

William Green, PhD
Cell-mediated and tumor immunity

Deborah A. Hogan, PhD
Bacterial and fungal pathogenesis

Yina H. Huang, PhD
T cell migration and activation, Cancer Immunology

Claudia V. Jakubzick

Claudia V. Jakubzick, PhD
Myeloid cell biology: Innate and Adaptive Immunity

Randolph Noelle, PhD
Autoimmunity and cancer

George A. O'Toole, PhD
Microbial biofilms

Joshua J. Obar, PhD
Influenza A virus and Aspergillus fumigatus

Patricia A. Pioli, PhD
Autoimmune disease and cancer

William Rigby, MD
Autoimmune Mechanisms and Disease

Benjamin D. Ross, PhD
Interbacterial interactions among the gut microbiota

Daniel Schultz, PhD
Evolution of antibiotic resistance in bacteria

Charles Sentman, PhD
Immunotherapy and innate immunity

Rahul Sarpeshkar, PhD
Synthetic analog and digital biological circuits


Karen Skorupski, PhD
Virulence gene expression

Bruce A. Stanton, PhD
Host pathogen interactions in epithelial cells

Paula R. Sundstrom, PhD
Fungal pathogenesis and candidiasis

Mary Jo Turk, PhD
Tumor Immunology

Edward J. Usherwood, PhD
T cell immune surveillance to viruses and cancer

Charles R. Wira, PhD
Innate and adaptive immunity to HIV

Affiliated Faculty

Margie Ackerman, PhD
Protein engineering and vaccine technology

Alix Ashare, MD, PhD
Lung macrophages

Susana Asin, PhD
HIV-1 replication and transmission

Seth A. Brooks, PhD
Posttranscriptional Regulation of TNF

Ruth I. Connor, PhD
Lactic acid bacteria, probiotics

Rick Enelow, MD
Respiratory virus infection

Sue Eszterhas, PhD
Posttranscriptional Regulation of Cytokine Expression

Michael Fanger, PhD
Active Emeritus

Paul M. Guyre, PhD
Active Emeritus

Azizul Haque, PhD
Adjunct Professor

Anne G. Hoen, PhD
Development of the microbiome in infants and children

Alexandra L. Howell, PhD
HIV infection

David W Mullins, PhD
Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy

Michael E. Zegans, MD
Bacterial biofilm formation and ocular infection