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  • M&I Seminar Series February 27, 2017
    Note: Location is Chilcott, Aud., Hanover "Gene Regulation and Dynamical Efficacy In Antibiotic Responses" PRESENTED BY DANIEL SCHULTZ, PH.D. Research Fellow Department of Systems Biology at Harvard Medical School Department of Biology at the Technion Boston, MA
  • MSB and BCM shared Seminar Series - William S. Bush Ph.D. March 7, 2017
  • M&I Seminar Series March 13, 2017
    MICROBIOLOGY/IMMUNOLOGY SEMINAR "Role of Tissue Resident Macrophages in Regulating Pathogen Clearance and Immune Homeostasis" PRESENTED BY KAMAL M. KHANNA, PH.D. Assistant Professor Department of Immunology University of Connecticut Farmington, CT HOST: Brian T. Malik Monday DATE: March 13, 2017 TIME: 4:00 PM PLACE: Borwell 658W This is made possible by administrative, technical, fiscal resources and […]

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