Visiting Faculty and Visiting Scientist Line


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It is recognized that faculty members and other academicians from other academic institutions may come to Geisel for periods of time--typically a year or less--for collaborative projects, sabbatical leave, or named lectureships. These individuals usually continue to retain regular appointments at other institutions, but may be granted term appointments (limited to one year, unless an exception is granted by the Dean’s Office). Visiting faculty who do not receive compensation that would allow them to receive benefits from Dartmouth need to ensure that benefits from their permanent institution will continue to apply during their tenure as visiting faculty at Dartmouth. Petitions for visiting faculty/scholar status will be reviewed by the Dean of Faculty Affairs at Geisel, and such individuals will be granted the title of Visiting Faculty or at a rank that is consistent with their appointment (or equivalent) at their home institution.  Non-faculty appointments will be made as Visiting Scholar. With respect to foreign nationals, it is the obligation of the Chair or Institute Director to provide complete background information for the candidates for whom a petition for status as a visiting faculty member is being made. Upon receipt of this information, the Dean’s Office will consult with the Office of Visa and Immigration Service (OVIS) to determine if the candidate is eligible for employment in accordance with applicable Dartmouth College policies. Information on the regulations of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) that govern the appointment of foreign nationals to academic positions may be found on the USCIS website, at

In many cases, individuals who hold appointments in the Visiting Faculty/Scientist Line will be voluntary (i.e., would not be employees of nor receive compensation from Dartmouth College).  When approved by the Dean, some visiting faculty may be supported by a sponsored project awarded to a PI who is an employee of Geisel/Dartmouth College).

Although expectations for scholarship are not essential in this line, whether academic endeavors are characterized as team-based or not, it is the expectation that faculty and their mentors follow the precepts and guidelines of the ICMJE in terms of defining authorship ( In particular, faculty and those that mentor them need to adhere to 4 criteria recommended by the ICMJE.

All active association with Geisel School of Medicine ends as of the termination of the appointment for Visiting Faculty/Scientists. Sponsoring departments must submit termination of title paperwork to the Dean's Office for faculty members in the Visiting Faculty/Scientist Line, however, in the absence of such required documentation, the faculty title nonetheless ends, and there is no obligation of the School to notify individuals that their faculty status has ended if the appointment term is not renewed.