Subappendix A: Qualified vs. Unqualified Sources of Support for Compensation


  • Funding for research or other academic activities provided by an external sponsor to Dartmouth College;
  • Funding provided by any division of Dartmouth College outside of Geisel;
  • Funding provided by D-H, VA or other clinical affiliate for professional services;
  • Funding provided from other external entities (e.g. salary and fringe reimbursement paid to Dartmouth through agreements with affiliates, where such reimbursement is for approved professional activities and is specifically for the support of that faculty member’s compensation);
  • Funding provided from designated gifts and endowments restricted by the donor for that faculty member's use;
  • Certain endowed chair funds that provide direct salary support to the incumbent;
  • PDF funding during defined initial support period (see Subappendix B);
  • Funding provided from an individual's personal reserve account[1]


  • Subvention;[2]
  • Supplemental subvention;
  • Department reserves;
  • Individual faculty reserves attributed to other members of the faculty;
  • Unrestricted gifts;
  • Restricted gifts and endowments not designated by the donor specifically for that faculty member's use;
  • Ad-hoc service centers and recharge centers;
  • PDFs after defined initial support period;
  • “Cost share”/service centers.[3]


[1] Use of personal reserve funds to meet compensation expectations for a period longer than six months requires establishment of a plan for efforts to restore funding from other qualified/extramural sources.

[2] Qualified support may include certain teaching funds from specific Geisel departments/institutions (e.g., TDI, QBS). Use of departmental funds to support teaching activities of either tenure/tenure-track or non-tenure line faculty members does not commit the institution to any long-term support of these faculty members for such activities. While considered qualified with respect to obligations for compensation recovery, teaching monies derived from Geisel (e.g., TDI or QBS) are not allowable with respect to contributions to Faculty Research and Innovation Accounts.

[3] The Dean’s Office shall have the discretion to consider certain institutional cost share funds and/or certain service center activities as qualified. Questions as to whether specific accounts are qualified should be raised with the Dean’s office in advance of any commitment to faculty.