Adjunct Faculty Line


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  • Adjunct Assistant Professor
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  • Adjunct Professor


To help fulfill its academic mission to train the next generation of scientists, educators, and health care providers, Geisel School of Medicine depends on the committed participation of investigators and teachers who do not have primary affiliations with Geisel.  With few exceptions, faculty members who hold adjunct titles are non-voluntary faculty members in other schools at Dartmouth (i.e., A&S, Thayer or Tuck) or hold regular faculty titles at other academic institutions, and in rare instances, non-academic institutions. Adjunct faculty are expected to engage in teaching and research missions of Geisel outside of the clinical sphere. For those faculty members in the adjunct faculty line who do not hold primary appointments elsewhere, the Chair should consult with the Dean for Faculty Affairs for an appropriate academic title.

It is expected that these individuals shall hold doctoral degrees or the highest appropriate professional degree (e.g., MPH or MBA). Appointments (along with reappointments and promotions where appropriate) for the Adjunct Faculty Line shall be put forward by the relevant Chair and require approval by the Dean of Geisel, the Dean’s Academic Board and the Provost.  For individuals who hold primary (non-voluntary) academic appointments at another school at Dartmouth or an another institute of higher education, Geisel will (with rare exception) honor those academic titles with an adjunct appointment at Geisel at the equivalent rank of their non-voluntary appointment.

Individuals appointed in the Adjunct Faculty Line must identify their positions as being in this line in all instances, and the qualifier “Adjunct” must be used on external documents, internal documents, and personal business cards (e.g., John Doe, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Surgery).

In granting contributing faculty appointments, the main factor to be considered will be the individual’s commitment to the Geisel academic mission. Such a commitment requires documented direct contact in teaching non-clinical learners at > 20 hours of net teaching per year in a registered course (e.g., one listed in the ORC of Dartmouth College) or documented and substantive effort as part of an ongoing research project by members of the non-voluntary (Tenure-track/Tenure, AMS, Non-tenure Faculty Line) Faculty (e.g., as key personnel on a grant held at Dartmouth, D-H, or WRJ VAMC with documented and on-going co-authorship on peer-reviewed publications). Collaboration on publication alone is not a sufficient basis for granting adjunct status to faculty members in other schools at Dartmouth or other institutions.

All new candidates for Adjunct Faculty Line appointments will be directed by departmental chairs (or Operations Directors) to fill out an online appointment application, which should define the expected contributions supporting the requests for appointment.

All faculty members in the Adjunct Faculty Line will receive a letter of appointment from the Dean informing them of their title and effective dates.  This letter also outlines the privileges afforded to faculty members and the policies for which they are required to observe.  Adjunct faculty member must return a signed copy to our office.


It is expected that members of the adjunct faculty hold regular faculty appointments in other departments at Dartmouth or at other academic institutions. Unless there is evidence to the contrary, if these individuals are promoted in their home departments, they will be awarded a comparable advancement in the Adjunct Faculty Line at Geisel as well.

For those rare instances where promotion may be warranted for those who do not hold faculty title except at Geisel, criteria comparable to those set out for advancement in the Clinical Faculty Line may be applicable for those in the Adjunct Faculty Line.  In such cases, Chairs should consult with the Dean of Faculty Affairs.

Although expectations for scholarship are not essential in this line, whether academic endeavors are characterized as team-based or not, it is the expectation that faculty and their mentors follow the precepts and guidelines of the ICMJE in terms of defining authorship ( In particular, faculty and those that mentor them need to adhere to 4 criteria recommended by the ICMJE.

Termination of Faculty Titles:

Faculty appointments shall terminate effective of the end of the appointment date, unless otherwise agreed upon in writing by the Dean of Geisel School of Medicine or terminated for cause. Sponsoring departments must submit termination of title paperwork to the Dean's Office for faculty members in the Adjunct Faculty Line at the time their service to Geisel ends.