Part III: Academic Titles

All academic titles (faculty title and non-faculty academic titles) at Geisel, irrespective of the employer of record, are provided by Dartmouth College for the express purpose of supporting the academic missions of the Medical School. Faculty titles shall not be granted for purposes outside of those that support the educational, service, and research missions of the Medical School.

At the time of their hire, all faculty members shall receive information (e.g., through an offer letter or terms of appointment statement) that delineates the Line (and Track) to which they are being appointed and both the expectations and obligations of that Line/Track.

In granting academic titles, we recognize that diversity, equity, and inclusion are at the very core of our educational mission and are catalysts for institutional and educational excellence. We are committed to building an excellent academic environment, which includes efforts to build a diverse and inclusive faculty. With this goal in mind, departments and programs are asked to develop strategies that incorporate diversity, equity, and inclusion as key parameters in their efforts to recruit and retain faculty.

All appointments to any academic rank must be put forward to the Dean by the Chair (or Institute Director; hereafter referred to as Chair) of the hiring academic department and must be approved by the Dean of Geisel (or their designee: e.g., the Dean of Faculty Affairs at Geisel), the Dean’s Academic Board (DAB), and the Provost of Dartmouth College. All appointments at rank of Professor with tenure must also be approved by the Board of Trustees of Dartmouth College.

Irrespective of employer, appointments made at the rank of Associate Professor or Professor (Tenure-track/Tenure, Non-tenure, or AMS Faculty Lines) must be reviewed by the Appointments, Promotions and Titles (APT) Committee and the appointment must be recommended to the Dean prior to subsequent review by the DAB and the Provost (and, if relevant, Board of Trustees) within 1 year of initial appointment at these senior ranks.

For faculty members in the AMS Faculty Line, employment rests, with rare exception, with D-H, the WRJ VAMC, or CPMC. Appointment to a faculty rank for those offered employment by one of these clinical partners must be reviewed and approved by the Chair of the hiring department, the Dean or the Dean’s designee (the Dean of Faculty Affairs at Geisel), the DAB, and the Provost of Dartmouth College.

In most circumstances, individuals proposed for appointment or promotion to senior faculty titles (Associate Professor or Professor) will have served at Dartmouth or an equivalent academic institution for at least 5 years at the prior academic rank. Irrespective of faculty line, appointments and promotions to senior ranks are based on an explicit recognition of excellence, both qualitatively and quantitatively, with advancement from Associate Professor to Professor being reserved for our most distinguished faculty. Continued service and performance at the rank of Assistant Professor shall not, in and of itself, constitute grounds for promotion to Associate Professor, nor time in the rank of Associate Professor alone qualify for promotion to Professor.