Honorary Faculty Line


  • Honorary Instructor
  • Honorary Assistant Professor
  • Honorary Associate Professor
  • Honorary Professor

Faculty members who have retired from Geisel or another academic institution who actively contribute to our academic mission and who may, under some circumstances, receive compensation for these efforts are eligible for appointment in the Honorary Faculty Line.

These faculty members have a wealth of insight and experience to share with both students and current faculty, and Geisel recognizes the value in keeping them actively engaged in our community. Such faculty members may be involved in teaching students both in the classroom and in the laboratory, may produce scholarly works, and may also provide mentorship to current faculty members. Such individuals do not have to have been employed previously at Geisel (and with rare exceptions will not be paid) and do not have to meet criteria for emerit status. The Honorary Faculty Line title is not a mechanism to reward individuals for past service if, going forward, they no longer have a substantive and active role at the institution.

To qualify for an honorary faculty title, individuals should, on average, have a commitment of > 20 hours of ongoing activities (teaching in recognized courses, active participation on sponsored projects at Dartmouth, D-H or the WRJ VAMC) at the Medical School. Bestowing of the title of honorary faculty is at the discretion of the Dean.

The privileges and benefits of honorary faculty members include a Dartmouth College netID, which provides them access to the Dartmouth Library collection and a Dartmouth.edu email address.  Honorary faculty members may also be entitled to discounted tickets to athletic and cultural events, and may be provided the ability to purchase computer equipment at a discount through The Computer Store, the ability to purchase a parking permit, library privileges, access to computing facilities for professional activity, access to athletic facilities on the same basis as active faculty members, and a subscription to some of Dartmouth College's publications, such as VOX and Dartmouth Life.

Individuals appointed in the Honorary Faculty Line must identify their positions as being in this line in all instances, and the qualifier “Honorary” must be used on external documents, internal documents, and personal business cards (e.g., Jane Doe, Honorary Assistant Professor of Biochemistry).