Appendix 9: Log of Minor Amendments and/or Clarifications

This document was originally created, reviewed and recommended for approval to the Dean by the Dean’s Academic Board on February 23, 2017 and by the Faculty Council on March 30, 2017. The document was last revised and approved by the Deans Academic Board and Faculty Council on January 11, 2019. Minor revisions and specific clarifications may, however, be made by the Dean or their designate (e.g., Dean of Faculty Affairs). Minor edits made prior to May 2019 are noted below; all subsequent edits have been made online and are recorded in each section as indicated.

Date                   Author of Change             Change/Clarification Made

1/11/17              LP Henderson                   Documented that department promotions committees can include members from other departments if not enough senior faculty in their home one.

4/14/17              LP Henderson                   APT checklist: letters need to be dated and within 1 year of review

4/21/17              LP Henderson                   Mislabeled Appendix 4 to 5 corrected.

5/24/17              LP Henderson                   Instructions for letters of rec/promotion for research scientists added to Appendix 10

6/8/17                LP Henderson                   Minor spelling corrections and clarification that the Dean, as well as Provost----BoT recommend emeritus status.

6/15/17              LP  Henderson                   Updated title for Director of Administration in Appendix 5.

6/29/17              LP Henderson                   Updated instructions in Appendix 5.

7/8/17                LP Henderson                    Minor correction (Line for Track).

7/25/17              LP Henderson                   Following discussions with OGC, additional information on salaries for post-FRO/active emeritus/a faculty added (Appendix 8).

8/15/17              LP Henderson                   Educator-Scholar Track added as an option for AMS  Line.

LP Henderson                   Appendix 3: For Senior Faculty/Non-tenure track Faculty Line, text amended to add (or other institutional support) in addition to subvention to point 2 (page 82).

8/23/17              LP Henderson                   Added expectation for physical presence on site for full-time faculty members (or approval by Dean/Chair for exemption).

9/5/17                LP Henderson                   Text from body of document on section about subvention for Non-tenure Line faculty has been repeated from section IIB.2 in Appendix 4 for additional clarity.

9/19/17              LP Henderson                   Separated out information on appointments for each faculty title under Restricted-/Non-voting Members of the Professoriate.

9/21/19              LP Henderson                   Further clarification of expectations for Educator- Scholar (AMS Line).

11/29/17            LP Henderson                   Revised appendix 2 substituted.  Subject to comment and further revision.

12/4/17              LP Henderson                   Clarification of number of letters needed for APT portfolios.

12/11/17            LP Henderson                   Clarification of materials needed to be submitted to  Deans Office/Provost (Appendices 5 and 6).

01/03/18            LP Henderson                   Revised information on departmental promotions committee composition.

01/12/18            LP Henderson                   Updated information on IDE approval of candidate short list (Appendix 5). Revision of Appendix 10 to clarify protocols for hire/appointment of NFAs (Appendix 10).

01/23/18            LP Henderson                   Corrected a misplaced reference for Appendix 9 that should be Appendix 8.

01/29/18            LP Henderson                   Links for implicit bias training updated.

01/31/18            LP Henderson                   Amended text to indicate more clearly that in a limited number of cases, individuals in the non- tenure line may have substantive teaching responsibilities.

02/09/18            LP Henderson                   Information added to Appendix 5 on timing of notification on promotions and on protocols for promotion salary increases.

02/28/18            LP Henderson                   Addition of guidance by ICMJE for authorship.

03/16/18            LP Henderson                   Updated information for search committees on allowable contacts for applicants.

Updated information on composition of departmental promotions and APT committee.

03/17/18            LP Henderson                   Updated pagination; clarified (Appendix 4) sources for salary for active emeritus/post-FRO are restricted to non-internal without approval by Dean.

03/20/18            LP Henderson                   Relevant language from main body of document substituted for comparable, but somewhat different language in Appendix 8 for consistency.

03/26/18            LP Henderson                   Update of Appendix 5: annual review.

03/27/18            LP Henderson                   Revision of criteria for reviewers for promotion of Research Scientist (Appendix 10).

04/23/18            LP Henderson                   Clarification of teaching commitments for 50% subvention (Appendix 4)

Clarification of expected timeframe for promotion (process normally occurs after 5 years, before 6)

05/02/18            LP Henderson                   Clarification of relationship of faculty title to Leave of absence status

Update of information required for tenure-track searches

05/07/18            LP Henderson                   Restored accidentally deleted information on resources for advertising for diverse faculty

05/28/18            LP Henderson                   Information added on Biomedical Libraries as resource for authors.

07/17/18            LP Henderson                   Updated language on benefits provided to emeritus/a faculty (re Dartmouth College policy), note that emeritus status should be requested at time of retirement

Updated information from IDE (Appendix 2, Subappendix C)

08/06/2018        LP Henderson                   Clarification that TOA should be attached to DAB in SharePoint (Appendix 2)

Minor corrections to letter template for external Review requests (Appendix 2)

10/14/18            LP Henderson                   Addition of reappointments for retired clinicians (approved by DAB 10/2018)

Clarification of LOA/Remote Work requirements

10/30/18            LP Henderson                   Clarification of appointment processes (Appendix 2) Chief Residents/Fellows and Research Scientists/Research Associates-Clinical (non-DC employees)

12/07/18            LP Henderson                   Updates on Appendix 10.  These guidelines are under revision; current edits reflect minor changes in letters  of request

01/11/19            Faculty Council                 Revisions recommended by FC and DAB, accepted by the Dean

Dean'sAcademic Board (DAB)

02/08/19            LP Henderson                   Information on pre-employment background checks added to Appendix 2

02/10/19            LP Henderson                   Further clarification of expectations for review and approval of participation in outside professional activities

2/14/19              LP Henderson                   Clarification of composition of departmental promotions committees

Clarification of titling for per diem physicians

2/22/19              LP Henderson                   Updating language substituting Dartmouth or Dartmouth College for “the College”

2/25/19              LP Henderson                   Clarification that central support for writing grants for non-tenure line faculty is for those faculty who have an expectation, as part of their hire, to develop a research program

Clarification of expected compensation obligations/fractional FTE for Instructors/Lecturers on DC payroll

3/1/19                LP Henderson                   Inclusion of PI eligibility reference in Post-FRO/active emeritus appendix;

Update on policy language in Post-FRO/active emeritus appendix

3/29/19              LP Henderson                   Updated dashboard information; Appendix 2 Removed Appendix 10 (NFA-will be own policy)

04/04/19            LP Henderson                   Harmonization of expectations for appointment in the Clinical Faculty Line following the latest faculty approved revisions.  Some of the prior language had not been updated and was inconsistent.

05/17-31/19        LP Henderson                   Restructuring and reorganization of information (substantive changes in terms of format not content) with migration to WordPress online format.  All subsequent edits captured through WordPress platform.