Emerit Faculty

A.  Rank:

  • Professor

At the time of retirement, Individuals who hold the rank of Professor in the Tenure-track/Tenure, AMS, or Non-tenure Faculty Lines may be considered for emerit status at the Geisel School of Medicine. The request for consideration of emerit status must be made at the time of retirement unless otherwise approved by the Dean.

Individuals awarded emerit status shall identify their positions as such in all instances: Emerita Professor of [Department]. The qualifier “Emerit” must be used on external documents, internal documents, and personal business cards (e.g., John Doe, Professor Emerit of Medicine). It is not necessary to include the qualifier, “active” although faculty members may choose to do so.

B. Overview:

These individuals are faculty members who hold the rank of Professor and who have rendered distinguished service to Dartmouth, normally for a period of at least ten years. This designation is not automatic and attaining the rank of Professor in and of itself does not automatically confer emerit status upon retirees. The process commences with the departmental and/or program Chair providing written recommendation of emerit status to the Dean of Geisel School of Medicine. This recommendation, supported by the candidate’s curriculum vitae, should clearly and specifically document the academic accomplishments and the value the individual has provided to the missions of the Medical School. The Dean, should they concur, will then make their own to the Provost.  The change to emerit status must be approved by the Provost, the President, and the Dartmouth College Board of Trustees.

When designated an emerit faculty member, the individual retains that designation and the benefits attached to it (as defined by Dartmouth College) until it is voluntarily relinquished or is removed for cause, or the individual dies.

Tenured faculty members relinquish their tenure when they move to emerit status, and awarding of emerit status does not imply a commitment for tenure (for those not already tenured).

C. Benefits:

Emerit faculty will retain their Dartmouth College netID, which provides them access to the Dartmouth Library collection and a Dartmouth.edu email address.  As for other Geisel faculty members, Geisel Computing will provide support to emeriti/ae for services, such as account setup and use of NetID, setup of dartmouth.edu email, installation and use of VPN software, installation other Dartmouth licensed software when it is being used for work that supports the mission of the Geisel School of Medicine, and basic hardware support of Dartmouth-owned machines. Emeriti/ae are also entitled to discounted tickets to athletic and cultural events, the ability to purchase computer equipment at a discount through The Computer Store, the ability to purchase a parking permit, library privileges, access to computing facilities for professional activity, access to athletic facilities on the same basis as active faculty members, and a subscription to some of Dartmouth College's publications, such as VOX and Dartmouth Life.

D. Active Emerit (special circumstances):

Active Emerit members of the faculty are individuals who have retired, and who have been awarded emerit status, but who are engaged in activities that are considered by the Dean to be consistent with active status (i.e., on the payroll of Dartmouth College) in meeting the missions of the Medical School (see also Appendix 8: Appointments of Retired Faculty in Active (DC-paid) Roles).

Whether academic endeavors are characterized as team-based or not, it is the expectation that faculty and their mentors follow the precepts and guidelines of the ICMJE in terms of defining authorship (http://www.icmje.org/recommendations/browse/roles-and-responsibilities/defining-the-role-of-authors-and-contributors.html). In particular, faculty and those that mentor them need to adhere to 4 criteria recommended by the ICMJE.

At the discretion of the Geisel Dean they may be designated as "Active Emerit" for continued research activities, and/or for ad hoc part time employment at Geisel if such activities require individuals to be on payroll at Dartmouth College.  All emeriti/ae are welcome, with approval of their Chair, to continue to engage in academic activities of the Medical School, but such continued engagement does not require active status. This designation is not bestowed independent of normal emerit status, nor is it to be a title of convenience for those not previously associated with Geisel who move to our area on retirement and wish association with Geisel or our partners. Appointments are granted on an annual basis and must be approved by the Dean in recognition that continued activities support the ongoing missions of the Medical School. Prior appointments to the active faculty for those who are retired, post-FRO and/or emerit status does not commit the school to continuing reappointments if the activities of the faculty member are no longer consistent with the goals and missions of the Medical School. This title reverts to the regular "Emerit" designation when the circumstances prompting the "Active Emerit" designation end.