Subappendix C: National Search Requirements and Waivers from These Requirements

A request for a waiver from affirmative action guidelines for conducting a national search may be appropriate for some positions in certain situations. Waivers are infrequently requested and, typically, infrequently granted. The situations that may be appropriate are listed below. Any other situation should be first discussed with the Dean of Faculty Affairs at Geisel, before requesting a waiver.

Positions that require a full national search following EO/AA guidelines and thus are eligible for a waiver:

  • 0.5 FTE or more
  • rank of Assistant Professor or above in the Tenure-track/Tenure Faculty Line
  • tenured, tenure-track, or voting
  • paymaster: Dartmouth College

Positions that do not require a full national search following EO/AA guidelines and thus are not eligible for a waiver:

  • less than 0.5 FTE in the Tenure-track/Tenure Faculty Line
  • rank of Assistant Professor or above in the AMS, Non-tenure, Clinical, or Adjunct Faculty Lines (any fractional FTE)
  • rank of active emerit, adjunct, instructor, lecturer, or visiting

Possible EO/AA considerations for granting a waiver from a full national search for a faculty position at Dartmouth College (Geisel):

  1. Special opportunity 1: Targeted individual is an independent, funded candidate of a very high level of academic achievement.
  2. Special opportunity 2: Targeted individual’s specialty or qualifications are unique, highly limited, distinctive, or novel, and are identified as vital to the institution.
  3. Targeted individual belongs to a team that would accompany someone selected through a full, national search.
  4. Targeted individual is the spouse or partner of someone deemed desirable to recruit or retain at Dartmouth College/Geisel.
  5. Targeted individual is a minority being recruited into a unit that is underutilized in the aggregate for minorities, or underutilized for the minority group to which the appointee belongs.

Procedure for requesting a waiver:

  1. The Chair of the appropriate department sends a letter requesting the waiver to the Director of Equal Opportunity & Affirmative Action in the Office of Institutional Diversity & Equity (IDE) outlining the reasons why the waiver is requested, with as many pertinent details as necessary. A CV of the targeted individual should accompany the memo.
  2. The Chair sends a copy of the request and the candidate’s CV to the Dean of Faculty Affairs at Geisel.
  3. The Dean of Faculty Affairs at Geisel and the Director of IDE confer on the decision.
  4. The IDE representative responds in writing to the Chair requesting the waiver.

The Chair’s department provides the necessary request (DAB form) to the Dean’s Office.