Subappendix E: Template for a Letter Formally Giving Tenure-track/Tenure Faculty Line Members Notice of End of Geisel Compensation Obligation and Bridge Funding

To: (Faculty member’s name)

From: (Department chair’s name)


Re: Impending termination of compensation commitment and bridge funding

As we have discussed, each faculty member has a different mixture of teaching, research, clinical, and administrative activities that in the aggregate support their employment. When significant components of a faculty member's time are not funded by specific internal or external sources, it becomes a financial problem for the department, and ultimately for the Medical School. Such shortfalls do occur from time to time, and short lapses in funding can be buffered by funds from various sources. Yet if the lack of compensation support persists for extended periods with little chance of reversal, it is not sustainable indefinitely by either the department’s or Medical School’s reserves.

The department chair should insert text specifically to cover the following three points:

(1) A summary of the faculty member’s current financial status and the availability to the faculty member of reserve funds, additional service work, or other support mechanisms that might be invoked to support compensation;

(2) The budgeted sources of their compensation and the support expectations that are associated with their position (this can be found in the faculty member’s offer letter and/or the “Form-A” for the search number under which they were hired); and

(3) A summary of any recent conversation(s) between the chair and/or section chief and the faculty member regarding expectations, their status, and plans for the future.

In light of the information noted above, I must inform you that neither the [Department] nor Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth can continue to support your compensation or any bridge funds to your laboratory after [date set by the Chair and the Dean of Geisel School of Medicine in alignment with the 12-month date that shortfall funding is confirmed]. Moreover, after this date, use of your current laboratory space will be reviewed according to the Space Utilization Policy of Geisel School of Medicine. You should make your professional and career plans based upon this information. Needless to say, if your current circumstances in this department change significantly in the coming months, then this decision can be revisited. In particular, if you secure funding that will restore support for a period of at least two years to those levels set out in your offer letter, departmental/central bridge funding will terminate and support from the school will also revert to those terms set forth at the time of your hire.

Should we both document in writing a change in your current distribution of effort with a new plan that provides for full funding of each of your new activities that I can support, we can alter this established schedule. If part of such a new plan requires continued financial support from the Medical School, the Dean would need to approve such a new plan as well. If nothing essential changes, and we have not formalized an agreement on a new distribution of effort with full funding for each activity, the above plan will go into effect. At the date set out above, you will be obliged to find alternative opportunities or to cover your own compensation by alternative means. Please keep me informed of your plans and requirements. We will do our best to assist you in whatever plan you choose to implement whether here or at another institution.

We are most hopeful that this plan will maximize your chances for success, and we wish you the best of luck.

If you have additional questions, I encourage you to contact Geisel Faculty Affairs at They are available to answer questions you may have regarding this action. The Faculty/Employee Assistance Program (F/EAP) is another resource that is available to you should you wish to discuss work-related matters. This service is confidential and free. Their number is 646-1165.

Please provide us with written confirmation that you have received this letter.


XXXX                                                                            Dean,

Department Chair                                                       The Geisel School of Medicine