Health and Wellness Services

The Student Affairs Office located in Remsen is the primary contact for medical students to bring their question/issues. The staff work with students on a broad range of topics including general academic questions, administrative issues, career advising, service and student government group support, personal concerns, student life, and adjustments to the rigors of medical school. Referrals are made to various resources or services as needed. The “Map of Where to Turn” lists many of these resources, including support for mental health issues, mistreatment, medical care and spiritual counseling. You can access the map by clicking on the link or by visiting the “Connections” page on Canvas. Specific information regarding sexual abuse can be found later in this section. The Student Affairs Office is staffed on a full-time basis, Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Wellness At Geisel

Wellness at Geisel includes groups, initiatives and programs organized through the Office of Student Affairs. These groups and initiatives include the Student Needs and Assistance Program, Wellness Representatives, Geisel Yoga, Brain Food, Weekly Wellness Listserv, Geisel Student Mental Health Charter Group, Mental Health First Aid Ambassador Program, and various student-run wellness groups. The Student Affairs Program Coordinator can meet with Geisel students to discuss their wellness needs, offering guidance towards resources both on-campus and within the community. The Coordinator also works closely with Dr. Matthew Duncan, the Clinical Director of Integrated Care for the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health System, in effort to increase mental health care accessibility and expand mental health care modalities for Geisel students.

Dartmouth College Health Service

The Dartmouth College Health Service provides medical care and services to students enrolled in Dartmouth College, the Geisel School of Medicine, Thayer, Tuck, and the Arts and Sciences graduate programs. In addition, the Health Service develops and promotes health education information to maintain a healthy lifestyle for students during college and beyond. The Health Service Office (known as Dick’s House in memorial to Richard Drew Hall ’27) is located at 5-7 Rope Ferry Road, an extension of North Main Street.

Medical Services

Dick’s House offers many medical services to students ranging from preventative care and women’s health to travel health. For medical appointments call 603-646-9400. If you need assistance to get to the Health Service call the Safety and Security Office.

Students will find many of their health care expenses at the College Health Service are covered by Health Service programs. Examples of expenses not covered by the Health Service are complex lab and x-ray tests, immunizations, medications, hospital admissions, emergency room visits, and referrals to other Medical Center services and programs. Physical exams are not covered but may be submitted to your own insurance company.

Inpatient Services
The Inpatient Unit is available to students whose illness or injury would normally be cared for at home by family members. The infirmary is open during fall, winter, and spring terms and is staffed by Health Service physicians and registered nurses. Students requiring more extensive hospitalization are referred to the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center located approximately 2 miles from campus; in these cases, the student is responsible for hospital expenses assisted by his/her health insurance program.

Student Health Insurance Coverage Requirement

Student Health Insurance and Conflict of Interest Policy

All active students are enrolled into the Dartmouth Student Group Health Plan (DSGHP) each academic year. To opt out of the Plan they must submit a completed waiver petition providing evidence of comparable health insurance coverage. Approved waiver petitions are only valid for one academic year. The DSGHP was designed specifically for Dartmouth Students (and their dependents) to provide health care that complements the services available through the Dartmouth College Health Service.

The deadline to submit completed waiver petitions for students starting in the fall term is July 1st. For students starting in winter, spring, or summer terms the deadline is the first day of the term. Students who involuntarily lose their health insurance coverage may enroll again. Enrollment must occur within 31 days of termination.

Questions about the College insurance requirements should be directed to the DSGHP Office.

Personal Counseling

Geisel Counseling Services provides two contracted counselors (non-affiliated with the college) dedicated to medical student mental health and support.

Dartmouth Health Service offers active students a variety of confidential services through the Office of Counseling and Human Development. Students present with a wide range of academic, social, personal and emotional issues and are seen for assessment, short-term counseling, crisis intervention, groups, or referral for long-term therapy. The Office of Counseling and Human Development also provides consultation and educational programs on a variety of mental health related topics including a special focus on multicultural services. For more information, consultation, or referral, call the Counseling Office.

Pharmacy Services

General Health and Immunizations Policy

*Only those medical students who have met the Health Service requirements for immunizations will be allowed to participate in clinical assignments.

Prior to matriculation, students must submit to the Health Service (Dick’s House), paper immunization and tuberculosis forms in addition to completing a series of online health forms. Specific instructions for completing these requirements.

NOTE: Dartmouth College does not require serological titers for Measles, Mumps and Rubella. However, they will be required in year 3 for participation in electives. You might consider having these titers drawn now rather than waiting for year 3 when schedules will be unpredictable. The same applies to the Varicella titer. Even if you have two doses of the Varicella vaccine to meet
pre-matric requirements you might consider having the titer drawn now. A Hepatitis B Surface Antibody titer is already required. Lab reports must be attached and submitted to the Health Service along with your health care provider completed immunization form.

Geisel School of Medicine Immunization and Health Policies Agreement

All students are required to sign a three-part form pertaining to our immunization and drug screening requirements. Once signed, this form is applicable for a given student during the entirety of their enrollment at Geisel. The form will be completed upon matriculation or as soon as possible after a leave of absence from the school should the form be missing from the students’ file.

Influenza Waiver Policy

Drug Screening Policy

Policy on Exposure to Blood Borne Pathogens (BBP) and Other Occupational Exposures or Injuries

Additional Resources

Hanover Police: 911

Headrest: 448-4400
Headrest is a local 24-hour hotline that provides counseling and referral for the entire community for a broad range of issues.

Safety and Security: 646-4000

Women’s Health Program at the Health Service: 646-9401
The Women’s Health Program provides gynecological exams, sexually transmitted infection testing and counseling, contraception counseling, emergency contraception, and other services to women and their partners. Students may request a personal appointment without going into medical specifics. Be sure to mention that it's urgent if this is the case, so that you can be seen quickly.

Women's Information Service (WISE): 448-5922
WISE provides 24-hour sexual and domestic violence hotline and crisis intervention volunteers to accompany survivors of sexual abuse to area hospitals, police stations, and courts. It is a resource for the entire community. The WISE advocate is on campus Mondays from 8am-4pm in 37 Dewey Field Road, room 452 and may be seen with or without an appointment.

In addition, although NOT an emergency resource and reporting should normally be made through standard channels, Dartmouth has also contracted with EthicsPoint, an independent third party to serve as a web based point of contact for concerns. This service supplements existing offices on campus that typically help register such concerns. These concerns may include issues such as sexual assault or abuse, academic and research misconduct, child abuse, financial misconduct, or confidentiality concerns.