Clinical Education Policies and Expectations

Policy on Patient-Related Inquiries

All patient-related inquiries from lawyers who are not affiliated with DHMC must be forwarded to the Risk Management Department for evaluation and response. In addition, if a Geisel student or DHMC employee is subpoenaed to testify in a case concerning patient care, the individual must notify the Risk Management Department so that counsel may be provided as necessary.


Timely communication between the student and clerkship director is essential to any episode of student absence from clerkship activities. For events that can be planned well in advance, such as a wedding, the advanced planning should ideally begin prior to the lottery where clerkships are chosen. This allows the student the opportunity to pick a clerkship or elective block that does not have night or weekend call at the time of the event. This will avoid missing any clerkship time. The Family Medicine clerkship, GAM, Neurology and most electives do not have night or weekend call.

For events that become known after the clerkship schedule is set, students should make a request to the clerkship director regarding the proposed absence as soon as the dates of the event are known. Call schedules can sometimes be adjusted to free up a given weekend day or night. For unforeseen events, such as an illness or family emergency, students are expected to notify their preceptor / ward team and the clerkship office of any missed time and its duration as soon as possible.

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