Geisel Office of Learning Support

Geisel Office of Learning Support

Geisel Learning Support provides a variety of services to assist you in realizing your individual potential as a medical student including:
• Academic coaching and advising
• Academic skills workshops
Peer tutoring
• Peer mentoring
• Assistance with Board and Shelf Exam preparations

For additional information, please visit the Geisel Learning Support webpage or contact one of the resources below:

Geisel Learning Support Contact Information:

William Eidtson, EdD
Director of Learning Support & Accessibility Services
(603) 646-5559

Alayna Sharp, MSEd
Learning Support & Student Accessibility Coordinator
(603) 646-5593


Geisel Peer Tutoring Program
Phone: 603-650-1604
Location: Remsen 321A

Student Needs and Assistance Program (SNAP)

Medical students are subject to the same illnesses as the general population. They may become impaired due to substance abuse or emotional difficulties and thus unable to perform their duties as a medical professional. While most individuals who experience personal difficulties seek out solutions or professional help on their own, there
are some who will not seek help even when it is in their own best interests and even though they may be endangering themselves and/or their patients. To handle such situations, Geisel School of Medicine has established the Student Needs and Assistance Program (SNAP), made up of a committee of students, faculty and staff. The purpose of this Committee is to handle problematic situations that arise with students and to organize educational programs around issues of impairment.

Additional Resources

Contact any of the following resources and they will either provide or direct you to counseling, medical help, and information on how to get confidential treatment and support.

Counseling and Human Development

646-9440 (During the fall, winter, and spring terms)
646-4000 (During summer term and breaks)

Dean On-Call

For emergencies during normal business hours please contact the Office of Student Affairs at 603-650-1509. For after-hours emergencies, the Dean On-Call list. You may also contact Safety and Security or the Health Service at Dick’s House after hours.