Professionalism at Geisel School of Medicine

Our students are held to the highest standards of professional conduct. The Geisel Task Force on Student Advancement and Promotion Policies convened on September 14, 2021, charged with working collaboratively to revise policies on Geisel student conduct and academic advancement and promotion. The group reviewed and proposed modifications to the existing policies, in alignment with the school's core values. An overview of the Task Force process, guiding principles, core values, and the final policies, can be found at the Geisel Medical Student Advancement and Promotion Policies SharePoint site. The expectations set forth in these policies reflect the standards of our community. In addition, to further guide growth in professional behavior in our students at the Geisel School of Medicine students are also expected to be familiar with the following institutional policies: Professionalism Policy Undergraduate Medical Education Program and the Geisel Social Media Use Guidelines.

Professionalism Reporting

The Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth takes pride in promoting professionalism and is committed to graduate future physicians who demonstrate professional behaviors. To this end, Geisel has made professionalism one of its core competencies for graduation, and defined its standards for professionalism and professional conduct that apply to faculty, students, and staff in its Professionalism Policy.

Please use the Professionalism Note of Concern to report alleged medical student academic or behavioral conduct that is in violation of Geisel’s professional standards and Honor Code policies, as defined at the link above.

Recognition for Exemplary Professionalism
Please use the Geisel School Exemplary Professionalism Form to recognize a student for practicing exceptional professionalism.