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The staff of the Financial Aid Office is available to counsel students on financial issues, how to develop budgets and manage their living expenses. They can also discuss and help plan for loan repayment with the use of the computerized loan profile program. The Financial Aid Office provides the necessary consumer information concerning the terms of the various medical school loans. Additionally, counseling is provided to students regarding debt management. While financing options are complex and rapidly changing, we want to emphasize that currently, no Geisel School of Medicine student has interrupted his/her medical education for financial reasons. Planning and a commitment to researching options provide a sound base for maximizing available resources. Additionally, many loan programs, including federal loan programs, require a credit check to determine the credit worthiness of the applicant for the loan. Therefore, all aid applicants are encouraged to obtain a copy of their credit report. Geisel is not responsible for supporting students who have been denied educational loans for reasons of credit, default or bankruptcy.