Medical Student Coaching

About the Program

As part of the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth's commitment to transform medical education and graduate the complete physician, we launched our 4-year, longitudinal coaching program in August 2019.

This program connects all incoming medical students with a faculty coach for the duration of their studies at Geisel, enabling students to build close rapport with their coaches, maintain consistent academic & professional support, and engage in numerous small group and individual coaching sessions. Students meet in small group coaching sessions every six weeks, focusing on broad topics like the medical school roadmap, professional identity formation, professional enculturation, and self-regulated learning. Then, in quarterly one-on-one coaching sessions students receive individualized support in building and reflecting on their goals, challenges, and experiences. Importantly, students drive these individual sessions and are able to schedule additional one-on-one sessions with their coaches as needed.

The result of this program is improved student support in long-term planning and decision making, professional identity development, and academics throughout their time at the Geisel School of Medicine. Our coaches also serve as a key linkage to the many other academic and support services at Geisel.

The Coaching Program is directed by Colleen Kershaw, MD.

Coaching Program Content

The content of the Coaching Program falls into three overarching and frequently overlapping areas of focus: Wellbeing, Academics, and Professional Development. Students work with their coaches to develop their individualized goals within each of these content areas and there are both small group and 1:1 coaching sessions to address topics of particular importance to students during medical school.



In Phases 2 &3 students continue to work with their coach and will revisit many of the topics covered during Phase I.

Our Coaches

Graham Atkins MBChB, MRCP Pulmonary & Critical Care
Kaveer Chatoorgoon MD Surgery, Pediatric
Kathleen Clem MD Emergency Medicine
Nancy Cochran MD Community and Family Med
Jeffrey Cohen MD Neurology
Sarah Crockett MD Emergency Medicine
Sarah Durante MD Palliative Medicine
Stephen Foster MD Radiology
John Hill MD Hematology
Judith Hills MD Palliative Medicine
Eric Holmgren MD, DMD, FACS Otolaryngology & Maxillofacial Surg.
Barbara Homeier MD Pediatrics
Sarah Johansen MD Medicine/Emergency Medicine
Brian Jones MD, PhD Pulmonary & Critical Care
Colleen Kershaw MD Internal Medicine - Infectious Diseases and International Health
Kelly Kieffer MD Internal Medicine
Michael Kisicki MD Psychiatry
Matt Mackwood MD, MPH Family Medicine
Isabella Martin MD Pathology
Samuel McWilliams MD Pediatrics
Ashley Miller MD Pediatrics
John Moeller MD, MHA, MS Emergency Medicine
David Nierenberg MD Pharmacology and Toxicology
Steven Schlozman MD Psychiatry
Aaron Tannenbaum MD Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine
Julia West MD Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine
Matthew Wilson MD Palliative Medicine
Diana Wu MD Family Medicine
Kimberly Youngren MD Pain Medicine

Contact Us

Interested in learning more about the coaching program or have questions?

Coaching Program Director
Colleen Kershaw, MD

Kern Program Director
Nick Ryan, MPA

Remsen Building, Room 310
Hanover, NH 03775
Tel. (603) 650.1681
Fax (603) 650.1637

This program is one of Geisel's main efforts in its support of and membership in the Kern National Network for Caring and Character in Medicine, which co-funds the program through a grant. A special thanks to the Kern Family Foundation for its support of this Coaching Program through their grant to the Kern National Network. The Kern National Network for Caring and Character in Medicine was realized in partnership and with support from the Kern family, the Robert D. and Patricia E. Kern Family Foundation, and Steve and Shelagh Roell. Their support will help the Kern National Network expand and inspire additional partners with a shared vision for building a new foundation for medical education.