Grading and Assessment

The Grading System 

All courses during Phase 1 of medical school are graded Pass/Fail. Clerkships and most electives in Phases 2 and 3 are graded Honors, High-Pass, Pass, or Fail, except the Phase 3 capstone course which is graded Pass/Fail.
During Phase 1, no formal rank list is generated. Student promotion is based only on the student’s total academic record (courses passed, and courses failed) and professional conduct. Although no rank list is generated, some limited information from Phase 1 courses may be used for AOA selection, Geisel Honors, and for other awards given in the M4 year. At the end of Phase 2, it becomes necessary to generate a more detailed academic profile of each student that includes standing within the class. For example, Alpha Omega Alpha (AOA) the national medical honor society, begins to select members at the end of Phase 2 and students are eligible if they are within the top 40% of the class academically. Additional criteria that influence AOA selection include citizenship, leadership, character, and community service.

At the end of Phase 3, the top quarter of the class is eligible to graduate from Geisel with honors.

The relative academic position of each student is based on the number of Honors in the six core clerkships in Phase 2.

Assessment Attendance Policy

Essential Standards for Matriculation, Promotion, and Graduation

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