Medical Student Handbook: All Policies


Dear Students,

It is our sincere hope that you enjoy this edition of the Geisel School of Medicine Handbook. It contains information about resources, general policies, academic regulations and valuable advice about succeeding in medical school. These policies are evaluated on an annual basis and students will be made aware if any changes are made during the academic year. As a Geisel student, it is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with the contents of this Handbook. The information contained within is intended to provide you with basic information; please refer to the appropriate policy link for specific information about each topic. As always, utilize your faculty and advising staff as resources for advising assistance. They are the experts and can help to answer questions and support your individual goals.

The Office of Student Affairs has received assistance from many departments regarding the information in this edition and we are grateful for their contributions. Students who would like additional information concerning topics addressed in this Handbook are encouraged to contact the Associate Dean for Student Affairs. Geisel reserves the right to alter, change or amend these policies at any time and without prior notice. This edition of the Handbook supersedes any of the information previously published in print or online and is subject to change.

If you should have comments or contributions to add to future editions, please send an email to

Much success to you and enjoy the Handbook!

Taryn C. Weinstein, Ed.D.
Director of Student Affairs