Student Facilities in the Remsen Building

Student Facilities in the Remsen Building

Remsen Level 2
On Remsen Level 2, you will find a game room (Room #224) and a bathroom/shower facility (Room #225) as well as several rooms which are used as classrooms, conference rooms or study rooms. These classrooms are reserved through the Event Management System (EMS). Many of the faculty members in the Department of Medical Education have offices on Remsen 2.

Security / Keypad Code
Both Remsen Level 2 and Level 3 facilities will be locked after regular working hours and on weekends. You may access the student areas after hours using the keypads on the door entrances.

The access codes are confidential. For your security, these codes will be changed periodically; you will be notified via e-mail of any changes.

Visitors are welcome providing they are accompanied by a student. For your safety and the security of the equipment located in the lounge area, please do not prop the doors open after hours. Also note that the lounge is not a space that can be reserved for private functions, smoking is prohibited, and pets must be on a leash and directly supervised by their owners always. Additional details on pets may be found under the Pet Policy.

All students who park at the Hanover campus must register your vehicle with the parking office. Visit the Parking and Transportation Services web page for pertinent information.

Some students ride bicycles to school as their mode of transportation. Bicycle racks are located near the main (front) entrance of the Medical School for the convenience of these bike riders. Bicycles are not permitted inside or to be stored in the Remsen Student Lounge or associated areas.

Mud Room
Located off the Remsen lounge, you will find coat hooks and storage cubbies have been installed for student use. Absolutely no bikes are allowed in the mudroom. Any bikes found will be confiscated without warning.

Preclinical student lockers are located in several places: Vail level 2 outside Chilcott Auditorium, Vail 200E, Remsen 103 and Remsen 104. Students will be assigned a locker to use during Phase I and are responsible for providing their own lock.

During Phase II and III, students will have access to lockers at DHMC.

Lockers Policy - Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center

The Remsen Level 3 kitchen has microwaves, a toaster oven, a coffee machine, and student refrigerators. It is a shared space, so staff members have equal access. It is up to students to keep this space clean and neat, including the timely disposal of perishable items from the student refrigerator. Please report any major spills to the Office of Student Affairs. Students have access to all kitchen cabinets. Do not leave perishables in the cabinets.

Classroom and Meeting Space
You may reserve rooms in Remsen and Vail by accessing the Virtual EMS System. All rooms have use schedules posted outside the door. Before using any room for general study please check the room schedule posted outside the door for potential conflicts.

Bathroom and Shower Facility
The bathroom and shower facility on Remsen level 2 (room 225) is available for the use of all. Please do not use this area as permanent storage of personal items.

Noise Level on Remsen Level 2 and 3
Be respectful of departmental offices and small group teaching space on Remsen Level 2 and 3. Noise should be kept at a reasonable level.