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Medical students are subject to the same illnesses as the general population. They may become impaired, for example as a result of substance abuse or emotional difficulties, and thus unable to perform their duties as a medical professional.

While most individuals who experience personal difficulties seek out solutions or professional help on their own, there are some who will not seek help even when it is in their own best interest and even though they may be endangering themselves and/or their patients.

In order to handle such situations, Geisel School of Medicine has established the Student Needs and Assistance Program (SNAP). The purpose of this Committee is to help with problematic situations that arise with students and to organize educational programs around issues of impairment.

The SNAP committee consists of two student representatives per class and up to two faculty advisors.

Who are the SNAP reps?

SNAP reps can be found on the Student Government page.

Dr. Regan Stanger is the medical faculty SNAP advisor.

How do I contact SNAP?

Policies and Procedures

Resources and Links

The following resource list and links to other websites has been compiled by SNAP members. It is not meant to be a comprehensive list, but rather a starting point for information. If you find a site to be particularly helpful, please let us know so that we may add it to our list.

Counseling and Human Development at Dick's House (603-650-1442)

Dick's House offers individual counseling as well as support groups. A list of support groups can be found on their webpage.

**Important information for students with the Dartmouth Student Group Health Plan insurance - if you would like insurance coverage, you will need to have a referral from Dick's House BEFORE seeing an off-campus therapist. Please contact the Health Service Office for more information about available therapists in the community.

If you have another form of insurance or plan to pay out-of-pocket, you may also contact the Health Service for information on area therapists or check local phone listings.

The online directory found at provides current listings for Psychiatrists, Psychologists and MSWs locally and nationwide.

The most comprehensive resource we know if is the Upper Valley Mental Health Resource Guide.

Counselor-on-Call (During fall, winter and spring terms): 603-646-9440
Counselor-on-Call (During summer term and breaks): 603-646-4000
Safety and Security 24-hours/day: 603-646-3333 (emergencies) or 603-646-4000
Inpatient Department: 603-646-9440
Sexual Abuse Awareness Program: 603-646-9414 (weekdays 8AM-5PM)
Dean-on-Call (S&S Dispatch): 603-646-3333
Hanover Police (emergency) or ambulance: 911
Hanover Police non-emergency: 603-643-2222
Dartmouth Hitchcock Emergency Room: 603-650-7000