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UPDATE: Across state-line practice: pre and post-COVID

Due to the COVID state of emergency, we have been able to flexibly offer services to students across state lines. This has been an unexpected and welcome ‘bright spot’ among all the challenges of the pandemic. However, now that the pandemic is coming under control, state and federal emergency orders are expiring. Therefore, we will once again find ourselves needing to operate within state regulations governing cross-state practice that were in place prior to the pandemic.

For students in NH/VT, we will still be able to provide both in-person or tele-health services. However, for students located in other states, even temporarily, state regulations restrict the clinical care we can deliver.

For general information related to the issue of across state practice: please contact Dr. Matthew Duncan (

To discuss a personal circumstance please contact Geisel Counseling and/or The Counseling Center at Dick’s House.

  • Geisel Counseling 603-653-0045
  • The Counseling Center at 603-646-9442.

At this time these services are being primarily provided remotely via tele-counseling. Some in-person services are available. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you need support.

Meet Our Counselors

In addition to the counselors listed, students may be connected with other members of the Counseling  Associates team based on specialty area, student need and/or counselor availability.