Medical School Historical Research Award Winners

          The S. Marsh Tenney Research Award
                              Established in 2013
Throughout his long service to Dartmouth, S. Marsh Tenney, MD, strongly favored the involvement of medical students in a year of fulltime research to enable them to experience the excitement and challenge of
investigative medicine without the requirement of committing their careers to it or of earning a separate degree.
Established in 2013, this prize is given annually to a student who has demonstrated excellence in research done
during year away from the MD curriculum.
2013 Spencer L. James
2014 Thomas J. Desmarais
2015 David A. Fried
2016 Spencer L. James
2017 Luca F. Valle
2018 Jose L. Porras, Jr.
2019 Mike Bao
2020 Kevin Shee
2021 Laurie Delatour
2022 Tamutenda C. Chidawanyika
2023 Gregory Tsougranis
    Douglas P. Zipes, MD, Research Prize in Medicine
                                  Established in 1997
This award is given annually to a student pursuing an MD degree for excellence in research in any area of medicine.
1997 Dennis Rivet
1998 Feiyu Xue
1999 Dale B. Chappell
2000 Karleyton Conroy Evans, Jr.
2001 Nina Rachel Lightdale
2002 Matthew Joseph Brady
2003 Tamas Adam Gonda
2004 Robert Cresson Nutt
2005 Geoffrey Walford
2007 Loc T. Nguyen
2008 Preethi V. Ramaswamy
2009 Andrea L. Russo
2010 Haitham M. Ahmed
2011 Arye Elfenbein
2012 Ziev B. Moses
2013 Daniel Gologorsky
2014 Andrew J. Giustini
2015 Junjie Liu
2016 Emily C. Atwood
2017 Samuel J. Kesseli
2018 Alex C. Bender
2019 Mike Bao
2020 Qiao Joyce Han
2021 Alyssa Monica T. Flores
2022 Mackenzie B. Norman
2023  Maria Pomponi and Evette Romner