Center for Health Equity and The John Sloan Dickey Center for International Understanding Global Health Equity Partnership


The Geisel School of Medicine Center for Health Equity has partnered with The John Sloan Dickey Center for International Understanding (Dickey Center) given its unique position to unite students, faculty, undergraduate and graduate schools in addressing the world's challenges. Through this joint initiative, the Center for Health Equity supports and collaborates with the Dickey Center to foster enriching global health equity opportunities for students, that are primarily focused on medically underserved populations worldwide.

Throughout the year, a myriad experiential learning opportunities are available for students to pursue across various settings, made possible by our strong relationships with international partners in the clinical, academic, government, nonprofit/NGO, and private industry venues. Ultimately, these opportunities are designed to broaden a student’s scope of learning, teach respect for diverse viewpoints, and create a pathway for lifelong learning and participation in global citizenry – to help create and advocate for an equitable existence for all.

Below are links to opportunities offered by the Center for Health Equity and the Dickey Center:

Dickey Center Internship Opportunities:

Center for Health Equity Funded Opportunities for Graduate and Medical Students:

Center for Health Equity – Global Health Electives for Medical Students: