Geisel and DH Departmental Research Contacts

Contacts for Medical Students Interested in Research

Below is a contact list of Geisel, Dartmouth Health and community researchers.  These research partners should be the FIRST CONTACT for Geisel students interested in performing research with a particular department, section or group if they have not already identified a project from the “Medical Student Research Database.”

If the section is not listed and you have interest in performing research, please contact the Assistant Dean for Medical Student Research Tim Gardner, MD (


Department, Section, Organization Name Contact Email
Geisel School of Medicine
Medical Education


Kelly Kieffer, MD or

Abigail Konopasky, PhD or


Global Heath Lisa Adams, MD
Epidemiology Margaret Karagas, PhD
The Dartmouth Institiute (TDI) Amber Barnato, MD (please cc

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center

  Allergy Markus Shaker, MD
  Dermatology Alicia Dagrosa, MD
    Cardiology/Cardiothoracic Surgery/Vascular Surgery Caren Saunders
  Critical Care Medicine Jeff Munson, MD
  Emergency Medicine Zach Soucy, MD
  Family Medicine Tim Burdick, MD
  Gasteroenterology Tim Gardner, MD
  Hyperbaric Medicine Jay Buckey, MD
  OB/GYN Morgan T. Mazanec
  Opthomology Michael Zegans, MD
  Oncology/Hematology John Hill, MD
  Oncology/TOPS program Linda Kennedy
  Neurology Lei Wang
  Pediatrics (all specialities) Julie Doherty
  Plastic Surgery Joseph Shin, MD
  Psychiatry Marty Bruce, PhD
  Orthopedics Kevin McGuire, MD
  Pulmonary/Critical Care Laura Paulin, MD
  Radiology Petra Lewis, MD
  Radiation Oncology Charles Thomas, MD
  Rheumatology Sladjana Skopelja-Gardner, PhD
  Sleep Medicine Glen Greenough, MD
  Urology Larry Dagrosa, MD