Class of 2025

Below is a list of current research publications from the Class of 2025. 

Click on the link to view the PDF! This list is updated regularly.

Alvermann, Thomas

Andrews, William

Bennett, Raven 1

Bennett, Raven 2

Bennett, Raven 3

Bennett, Raven 4

Byrum, Travis

Chacko, Rachael

Conway, Alexandra

D_cruze, Tiffany 1

D_cruze, Tiffany 2

D_cruze, Tiffany 3

Dionne, Anne

Dong, Michelle 1

Dong, Michelle 2

Durant, Jewelia 1

Emiliani, Francesco

Fontanet, Constance

Fuller, Nicholas

Jarmel, Isabel 1

Jarmel, Isabel 2

Larson, Grant

Levy, Benjamin

Liang, Shu Ting

Locke, Liam

Markey, Chad 1

Markey, Chad 2

Markey, Chad 3

Markey, Chad 4

Markey, Chad 5

Markey, Chad 6

Markey, Chad 7

Mathur, Diya

McAuliffe, Timothy

Park, Soo Hwan 1

Park, Soo Hwan 2

Park, Soo Hwan 3

Shah, Shivesh

Shahsavari, Shahin 1

Shahsavari, Shahin 2

Shahsavari, Shahin 3

Shahsavari, Shahin 4

Sohn, Ashley

Tao, Ernie

Tousley, Adelaide

Trautwein, Micah 1

Trautwein, Micah 2

Vesvoranan, Oraya

Watkins, Evan 1

Watkins, Evan 2