Conference Funding

Individual students and groups may apply for conference funding - review the funding policies located below. Please contact the medical student affairs office at with any questions.

Students must be logged in with their Dartmouth credentials to access the forms. Once the student has applied for funding, the request will be approved/denied.  If approved, the student will then submit the reimbursement request following the conference. Student requests for funding are evaluated every week on Wednesdays during the school year.

A note about the conference funding budget.  Unfortunately as of 2023, we do not have enough money to support every student.  In fact we have between $15-20K per year (all philanthropic donations) to support student research for all Geisel students. While we are working closely with the development office to attract more donations, our funding is limited and funding requests are approved on a first come/first serve basis.



Students are encouraged to seek additional funds from the following sources: their department, PI, and the conference itself BEFORE seeking funding through the Office of Medical Student Research. Applicants will be asked about what other sources of funding are available when applying for funding.

You must apply at least 1 month prior to the conference where you are presenting. Requests later or after the conference will not be approved. Some exceptions may be made at the discretion of the Assistant Dean of Medical Student Research.

Student presenters can receive conference funding up to the total amount of $400 for each academic year (e.g., July 2023 - June 2024). For example, if you apply and receive funding for a conference in September for $200, you can apply for the remaining $200 in order to attend a second conference in March.

If you are only attending and not presenting at a conference, you are eligible to receive a reimbursement up to $75 per academic year. Preference will be given to students who have not yet attended a conference. IN ADDITION, GIVEN CURRENT BUDGET LIMITATIONS, IT IS UNLIKELY THAT FUNDS WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR ATTENDING, AND NOT PRESENTING AT, A CONFERENCE UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE (2023).

Conference funding is only available as a reimbursement. Students cannot request funds in advance to cover the cost of attending a conference. Students must be able to provide receipts documenting expenses.

Occasionally it can take several months to be reimbursed due to the accounts reimbursable department at Geisel.  If you are having any trouble getting reimbursed, please see Tina Hoisington on the third floor of Remsen in the student affairs office.

Students who present a single research project as partners will each be eligible for a reimbursement. For example, if 2 students are giving a presentation together, each student is eligible for up to $400 per academic year.

Unfortunately, we cannot provide 100% reimbursement for trips. However, we encourage you to seek additional funding through your research department, grant organizations, and the conference itself!

The Assistant Dean of Medical Student Research will review conference funding requests, and has the discretion to either approve, clarify, or reject requests.

Reimbursement is restricted to the following items: flight, mileage (based on government reimbursement mileage), taxis/rideshare/Dartmouth Coach, conference registration, hotel cost, and poster printing.


Sharing your Experience: Students who receive conference funding must submit, with the reimbursement request, a one-paragraph reflection on the conference experience within 1 month of attending the conference.

Documentation for Reimbursement: Reimbursement requests are submitted to the Office of Medical Student Research via the Reimbursement Request Form.  Itemized receipts must be attached to the form.  All reimbursement requests must be submitted within 1 month following the conference.

*** You must be logged in with your Dartmouth credentials to access the application and reimbursement forms ***