On Boarding Process For Research


Historically, the research infrastructure between Geisel and DHMC was entwined by sharing grant support offices, the same IRB, and other research support services.  In around 2017, DHMC split from Geisel to form its own IRB and research infrastructure.  As a result, it became much harder for Geisel students to seamlessly start their research projects at DHMC, as they were no longer considered "research employees" at DHMC.  The process then became very cumbersome for Geisel students to perform research at DHMC, requiring an extensive on boarding process for research that included application with employee health, the workforce readiness Institiute (WRI) and the office of general counsel among others.

In July 2023, a new clinical affiliation agreement was signed between Geisel and DHMC that specifically "paves the way" for a smooth research on boarding process for Geisel students to perform research at DHMC.  Below is a snapshot from that agreement signed in July 2023 which highlights the relevant sections in regard to medical student research.

Therefore as of July 2023, Geisel students should only need to complete their readiness requirements via the Medical Student Affairs Office including CITI training, be added to the DHMC IRB, and obtain computer/HR access to perform research at DH.  All other on boarding will have been obtained at Geisel by the office of medical student affairs.

Please contact the Assistant Dean for Medical Student research Tim Gardner if you have ANY questions about the on boarding process for DHMC/Geisel research.