Grant Funding

For those interested in research grant funding, Dartmouth has an incredible office of grant funding support that provides lists of grant opportunities, feedback on grant proposals and ways to help interface easily with the NIH.   This is a wonderful place to start if you are interested in writing an external grant to support your research.  The website for this service is linked here: Grant Proposal Support Initiative (  This is a great website to find examples of successful NIH level grants.

Grants for medical students are generally not available via the NIH.  However, there are several grant mechanisms for medical students - see below.  Medical student internal and external grants are a great way to obtain grant support in medical school and are generally much easier to obtain than NIH grants,


Internal (Dartmouth) Grants

Hitchcock Foundation: Hitchcock Foundation Student Research Award | Hitchcock Foundation | DHMC and Clinics (  The Hitchcock foundation sponsors a student research award for Geisel students.  The award of up to $1,500 is for the purchase of equipment and/or supplies, and for such other authorized expenses as may be necessary to carry out this project. The award winner will receive a $500 cash prize and may also apply for an additional supplemental award of up to $500 to cover expenses to present the results of the research at a national meeting.

Dartmouth Synergy: Dartmouth SYNERGY – Clinical and Translational Science Institute.  The Synergy program at Dartmouth has multiple grants available - see the link here.  Funding Opportunities – Dartmouth SYNERGY. These grants are available for medical students working with a PI.  Among the most popular grants are the Levy incubator grants.


External (Non-Dartmouth) Grants

Society Grants: Grant funding for medical students is often available in major disease-specific societies.  For example the American College of Gastroenterology offers annual medical student research awards ACG Institute Research Grants & Awards | ACG.  Interested students should search the society home pages for your specific disease interest for medical student awards.


Foundational Grants: Many disease-specific charitable foundations offer medical student grants. For example the National Pancreas Foundation offers medical student grants. Students should search their disease-specific research foundations for opportunities.