DH Clinical Research Project Database

Enclosed please find the list of the Dartmouth-Hitchcock clinical research projects.  This list is from the OnCore clinical trials management program.  Please note it does not include projects exclusively at Geisel. This list is updated quarterly.

DH Projects Database April 2024

Students who are interested in performing clinical research can reach out to the principal investigators about participating in their research projects. A sample introductory email is below:

Dear Dr. (insert name),

My name is (insert name) and I am a current (insert year) student at Geisel.  Thank you for reading my email.  I am interested in working with you on your research project (insert research project here) that I saw listed in the DH OnCore clinical trials database.  I was hoping that I could meet with you to discuss a possible role in your project as I am interested in pursuing (insert specialty here).

My research experience is (include relevant experience here).

Thank you so much for considering me for this experience.  I really look forward to possibly meeting with you and I appreciate your time.


(insert your name and class)