Catrina Hood

Current Position:

  • Medical Student at The Robert Larner, M.D. College of Medicine at The University of Vermont, Class of 2023
  • NH-INBRE Student Mentor

INBRE Project(s):

  • Evaluation of Katnal2 sgRNAs Utilizing Surveyor Mutation Detection Assay and Sequencing
    Advisor: Dr. Bryan Luikart, Dartmouth College

Previous Positions (post-INBRE):

  • Lab Research Technician, Vermont Biomedical Research Network (formerly Vermont Genetics Network) Proteomics Core at the University of Vermont

How did working with NH-INBRE help you?

  • I sought out the NH-INBRE summer research fellowship as a junior in college with an interest in exploring the genetic and molecular basis of human disease. I knew I had a deep passion for the biologic sciences and loved the lab components of my coursework, but I wanted to gain a better understanding of what a career in biomedical research could look like. During the summer fellowship, I gained new research skills that I otherwise would not have been exposed to at my undergraduate institution, such as sterile cell culture and rodent handling. This experience was a vital part of my journey to medical school because I came to realize that I was much more interested in applying research to patients and the practice of evidence-based medicine rather than being the individual performing the bench research. Research has continued to be part of my journey throughout medical school, now with a focus on public health and quality improvement.