INBRE 101 Resources

What is NH-INBRE?

  • NH-INBRE is an undergraduate biomedical research program mandated by Congress and funded by the National Institutes of Health (“NIH”) to build research capacity in states that have historically had low levels of NIH funding and to augment the science and technology knowledge of the state's workforce. NH-INBRE is administered by the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth College. NH-INBRE funds research at 8 New Hampshire Colleges. Faculty apply for funding to hire undergraduate students to help support their research. 

How can NH-INBRE help me?

  • Developing valuable skills while receiving financial support: Students in the NH-INBRE program become research assistants. They get extensive experience working in laboratories and learning about scientific research. They also present their work at conferences and some students even become authors of peer-reviewed scientific research papers. Both strong lab skills and peer-reviewed papers can be a great benefit to students both in their careers as well as in further academic work after college
  • Career Planning: In addition to skill development and money, students have the opportunity to work with mentors who are alumni of the NH-INBRE program.  Mentors help students think through what they want to do after college and help them develop a plan to pursue their career goals. Alumni help students improve their resumes, learn to network effectively, prepare for interviews, etc. See Career planning and professional development for further information

How do I find out about NH-INBRE research projects?

  • You can find a list of current research projects and the principal investigators (PIs) who run them here

What qualifications are required to be chosen to work on an NH-INBRE project?

  • There are none! All that is needed is enthusiasm to learn and having dedicated time to your project, lab/PI each week  

How do I apply to be chosen to work on a project?

  • To apply to participate in a funded summer research program, or research throughout the year, reach out to PI’s at your school to see if they have openings or projects that you could assist them with

If I am chosen, what kind of work can I expect to do? How much am I paid?

  • Your work will differ depending on the project, PI, and school. However, it’s safe to say that you will be learning on and off-the-bench skills when it comes to your project 
  • You can expect to participate in certain activities like journal clubs and lab meetings, preparing and presenting data to your group, and possibly at conferences
  • How much you are paid is also dictated by your PI, so when you meet with yours, be sure to discuss this!