The NH-INBRE program supports the UNH Bioinformatics Core facility that provides bioinformatics services to the NH-INBRE community. Dr. Kelley Thomas leads the Bioinformatics Core facility at UNH. This facility provides NH-INBRE participants with access to outstanding, state-of-the-art computing for genomic analysis, on site training modules in genomics and bioinformatics, deep DNA sequencing, gene expression, and many other important biomedical research tools. Some of these resources are explained in more detail under the Bioinformatics subpages here on the NH-INBRE website (links copied below).

Please contact the director and staff below with any questions, if you need bioinformatics assistance or consultation for your NH-INBRE projects, requests for bioinformatics workshops at your institutions, or if you seek help to integrate bioinformatics into your classroom curriculum.

  1. Kelley Thomas, Director, NH-INBRE Bioinformatics Core at the University of New Hampshire:  (603) 862-2470 or

Krystalynne Morris (603) 862-2470 or

With the help of the Bioinformatics Core leadership, faculty members and departments at NH-INBRE partner undergraduate institutions that want to integrate bioinformatics labs/modules into individual courses and/or departmental curricula, might want to investigate the peer-reviewed journal CBE Life Sciences Education and the website Genome Consortium for Active Teaching (GCAT). These two resources, supported in part by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, National Science Foundation, and other sources, have valuable curricular